A Flawed Perception



A woman who has many sexual partners or has low sexual morals.

Whore, ho, hoochie, tramp.

The word “slut” originated centuries back as a result of patriarchy which continues till today.

Interestingly, the word has got much more usage other than the literal meaning it has been defining for a long time. I have compiled a few below:

A woman is a “slut”
If her shirt has the first button undone,
If she wears a revealing dress,
If she grooms herself a lot,
If she proposes a man,
If she rejects anyone’s proposal,
If she doesn’t sleep with a man,
If she does sleep with a man,
If she hangs out with too many men,
If she gets a divorce,
If she gets married again,
If she watches porn,
If she acts in porn,
If she is being open about her opinion and so on.

Before anyone tells me that even women call other women “slut”, let me make it clear. This isn’t about the attackers. This is about the victims.



Calling a woman “slut” is a way of insulting her for she is not following your morals. We have to understand that life didn’t start with a book of morals to be followed till we die. We create our own rules and live them. Some people are so greedy and possessed with power that they want us to follow the life they designed. Or else, we are “sluts”.

Please don’t ask me whether sleeping with more than one man is what I call feminism. Feminism is letting women have the right to decide their life. If she wants to mate with more men, it is never anyone’s concern until she does it without the man’s consent.

From a perspective, “slut” is nothing but a word which tries to restrain a woman from living her life on her own accord.

But we understand that the word “slut” is gender biased. There is no word that is equally offensive and equally character-shaming to refer a man with low sexual morals. (Please don’t come up with the words like “Playboys”, “male whore” and “man slut” which, I notice, men are happily wearing as a crown nowadays).



In fact, I don’t want any word to define anyone’s character, whether it is for women or men. But it can be observed how we are more leaned towards insulting a woman than a man. It is needless to say that, every day, we hear a word which a man uses to abuse another man but ends up insulting his mother or sister.

I don’t even want to retreat by inventing words that insult one’s father or brother. Because I understand that men aren’t living a great life either. Being called a “gay” for crying or for saying no to sex isn’t something I appreciate. It is offensive to both straight and gay men.

Here, I’m putting forth a big, unspeakable issue for which the solution is easy to derive but may be a bit tougher to follow. It is vivid that people are body shamed, fat shamed and slut shamed. All we have to do is to boycott the opinion of the society and stop judging people.

If I’m called a “slut” for having freedom of speech, freedom of choice in dress, sexual life, career or hobby, then I have no shame in living my life like a “slut”.


Written by: Swathi Mohan, Third Year, Aeronautical Engineering.

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