Mother – The Bigg Boss

Every young girl in India dreams of becoming an Indira Gandhi or a Kalpana Chawla, but I’m in no dearth of strong characters as my mother, the Iron lady of our household, has qualities that would make any woman envious.


But her only flaw is that she envisages herself to be the only person in the whole wide world who makes the right decisions. If your mother comes to your mind on reading these lines, I congratulate you, for your upbringing is something that deserves appreciation.




Having a strict mother sure does have a lot of advantages. For instance I still don’t  own a phone, which may be a crippling fact for many. But for me it comes with its own advantages such as, I’m not bound to any formality of answering any Whatsapp messages, which gets tiresome after a while.


All this doesn’t imply that I’m never enticed by that virtual world. I too have my mood-swings when I get really crabby and demand for a phone throwing tantrums and wailing, but it sure is a good thing that she doesn’t take any of that seriously and just brushes it off. My mother’s only draw-back is that she is a shopaholic, which due to some heredity problem gets inherited from one generation to another, with my being the future of that malady.


My father, a person of great character gets really intimidated by her mere presence; he is like the Talkative man of Malgudi daysRecently there was a dialogue in a Tamil movie which compared these middle-aged women to veteran spies. I completely agree with that point, for my mother with her keen observation skills manages to spot anything that is unusual. Even on the road she manages to spot offers displayed on banners, new shops and a lot of other things which me and my father, who are quite similar, fail to notice, for we are sincere followers of the motto Ignorance is bliss’ and manage to spite her.


Her next trait that requires mentioning is her confidence and pushing nature, I being an introvert completely understand the magnitude of this quality, for that is unerringly what makes a woman stand out of the crowd.


I once had a friend named Migonette, an average student who used to fare fairly in class, but owing to her confidence and independence she was able to survive in another country where she was alone with no soul to aid her. Don’t you think she requires a pat on her shoulder for her audacity?


I guess that proves my point of it making a woman stand out of the crowd. This is beyond doubt why I consider my mother as the boss, in fact the BIGG BOSS.


Written By: Nisha Deborah Philips, First Year, Computer Technology

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