The Reality

To all my friends who have entered college just now, and to my friends passing out of college.

Yeah college life is full of opportunities, enjoyment, excitement, fun, thrill, attraction, affection, friendship, and yes, a lot of responsibility. It is an experience of a life time, but there may be many questions like “Am I fit to get into research?”, “Am I right for MBA?”, “Is TNPSC possible?”, “Will I be able to crack UPSC?”, “Will I succeed as an author?

Yes, there are many questions we have, that do not have a clear answer. If you search for the answers of these questions in a book or Quora or Google, you will probably only end up getting confused.

This is what I figured out from my experience from talking to a lot of people and assessing myself a lot. The answer is quite simple.

If you crack GATE and look out for a job, the odds are 1 in 1000 to get that job.

If you write CAT and want a seat in IIMA or the top IIM’s, the odds are 1 in 1000.

If you go through TNPSC and want a seat, the odds are pretty much the same.

What I am trying to say here is that, if you want to be successful just do whatever you want to do. Because success does not come EASY!

The people who get into the top jobs are not geniuses. They are common people. Getting to the top requires the same amount of hardwork from anyone.

So instead of worrying about things like “Will I get that?”, “Am I good enough to succeed?”, let us all work towards our goal diligently and succeed in life.

Written by Risheekkumar Baskaran, third year Aeronautical Engineering. 

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