Abnegation – Poetry


Her life has become soberly shipwrecked

While her tender hennaed palms possessing his reputation,

Are coerced to hold a splendid flower wreath,

And she remembers the first time her skipped heart beat grew a hesitation.


A whirlpool of memories swirls around

Drizzling the rain of treasuries in a pinch.

As the whirlpool retreats, the melancholic happenings of the reality hound,

Leaving her behind with labyrinthine vertigo near the hinge.


The serene pair of ears meant to hear felicitations

Is now yearning to be fed with her soulmate’s utterance,

And the reports lying on the hospital desk speak of her gestation,

But she waits here, hoping to receive his never ever adoring glance.


Finally in the state of abnegation, the running stream of tears promises to come back again,

Only to leave her alone with a sempiternal tear stain in vain…


Written by: Jayasri Dharshini, First Year, Production Technology.

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