Renaissance 2018 – Report


Maybe March 13 was some other boring day to pass for others but at MIT, it was indeed a buzzing day for the assay of MITians. Yes, it was MIT Quill’s first-ever symposium, “Renaissance” that was conducted on March 13 and 14. While it is our expertise in technical intelligence that ultimately makes our living, it’s our versatility and our conduct which allows us to stand out from the mass as unique MITians and there’s where Quill comes into action. Renaissance had an array of eight exotic events that tested the gray matter and our sense of humor. The events were conducted at RLHC,4.30pm onwards.


Day 1:

As the final siren went off and our fellow first years were scurrying off, the events such as Shutter up, Link with Ink, Voice over and Cre-art-ivity were beginning. Briefing each one,


Shutter Up: The photography contest which articulated not only the intricacies of life which are neglected by blind eyes but also add sense to every shutter click.


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Voice over: Fun or pun, wise or cockeyed, at the end of the day, it was all about laughter. Participants, with their quick wit and presence of mind, dubbed even the most absurd videos which made the jury laugh their heads off.


Link with ink: Well, our inherent skills in spinning stories daily with utterly no bases were put to good use here where the participants weaved stories of immaculate association by linking 4 arbitrary pictures.


Nation wants to know: An exclusive reporting event where a team of 2 is assigned to an eatery near the campus to assess and assay the place and food, becoming the Arnab Goswamis of MIT.


Events such as Roller Poster and Cre-art-ivity brought out the Van Goghs and graffiti artists from our folks.



Day 2:

The second day saw the speech events, Kaaviyam Pesu and Speak-a-boo. Both events had novelised rules and proceedings which tested the eloquence of the participants. The two day fest culminated in the valedictory function held at the conference hall in the Admin block. The members of the dais were our respected dean, Dr. A. Rajadurai, MIT Quill’s staff in charge, Mr. Elisha and Mr. Jayanth. Speeches were given by our Dean and staff in charge Mr. Elisha. The fun part was after the “not long brooding” speeches which were the results announced. Not to mention the long smiling faces and the winner’s bags which were packed with gift vouchers much to other’s envy. A personal gratitude to our indefatigable seniors who imprinted a zealous mark in the history of MIT Quill.


Reported by Siva Surjith, first year, Electronics and Communication Engineering

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