Electrofocus 2018 – Report

The Department of Electronics Engineering conducted its two day national level inter-college technical symposium, Electrofocus on March 9 and 10 of 2018 with the help of the Electronics Engineers Association (EEA). The event sponsors were Cypress, BSNL, CISCO, Samsung, SSIR, Top Engineers, and TIME institute. Other sponsors includes accessories partner, uniq technologies, online media partner festpav.com, and certificate partner Poorvika Mobiles. Most of the sponsors are reputed companies who also conducted various workshops which proved beneficial for the success of the event.




The main aim of the EEA is to make sure there is a strong connection with the students and department through various technical and non-technical activities as well as bringing various companies to our campus for conducting workshops. The core idea behind a great technical education is to make sure we apply our skills and expertise in a useful manner which can progress all of our lives. The symposium included over 25 events covering different streams like electronics, communication, robotics, quizzes and workshops from leading companies.


Day 1:


Electrofocus kicked off with a series of technical and non-technical events which gave the students a great stage to show off their talents. Technical events including Binary Battle, Techno Wizard, Silicon Siege, and C-Struck overwhelmed a number of participants. At the same time, co-existed non-technical events such as Managers Unplugged, Treasure Hunt, How Stuff Work, Math Maverick as well as Gaming.


Moving on to workshops, Trends in Semiconductor Technology and Verilog Design was conducted in association with Samsung Bangalore where you could experience industry level semiconductor design that is striving to provide richer digital experience through reduced nano meter technology.


Then there was Cisco presenting on Data Centre and Data Centre Security where one could have an exclusive hands-on session on breaking a firewall, work on nodes in networks, learn more about routing switching, data centre securities and high end security systems.


Next off, BSNL presented on 5G communications where one can learn and experience the integrated practical session about reducing network congestion, improving bandwidth utilization and creating scalable IP VPNs.


For those who ever wondered of building app with cloud integration, firebase conducted an android app development workshop.



Day 2:

Day two of Electrofocus had its fair share of events and workshops which kept all the participants busy and made the day very much lively and happening. The technical events includes Liaise the link, work the network, Mu pros and cons, E-design. For the non-technical side, Q fiesta, mock IPL bidding, No clue, and Gaming occupied the event slots.


The ones interest in robotics were in for a treat as various activities for the bots battled it out such as Line Follower, Maze solver, RC Maze runner, Bot Design, All Terrain, Robo War, Robo soccer.


Moving towards workshop, Cypress Semiconductor presented about Programmable system on chips (PSoCs) and CapSense (Capacitive Sensing). Then there is one of the most interesting workshops, the well-known Internet-of-Things which we also call IOT. Sensors have started to occupy the nook and corners of the world and almost every device is connected to a network and shares data. Other workshops includes Ethical Hacking by Cyber Security, Image Processing and Deep Learning in Python and Advanced Autotronics.


Another vital part of the symposium were the presentation events where opportunity was given to the brainy, curious and creative minds to present each of their unique ideas created from scratch in various forms such as paper presentation, project display and hope circuit.


The EEA gave a platform for the students known as E-talks, where one could present a short video on gadget reviews, electronic hacks, any trending technology or even innovative ideas.


The event concluded by witnessing the much awaited Alumni meet in the evening where former students, seniors and juniors unite under the T-Series. It was accompanied by a group dinner at the OAT. It was a night to remember for all, sharing nostalgic memories and appreciating the unique bonding summed up with lots of joyful moments. After such a memorable meet, one can confidently say that Electrofocus 2018 ended on a positive note.


Reported by:  Kiruba Jothi, Aditya Prasath, First year, Electronics and Communication

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