Prayatna 2018 – A Report

Aptly named ‘Prayatna’ or Effort is a continuous process where we learn, share, inspire and derive ideas over 48 hours of activity and the purpose is to storm the brain! And blow it off!

Year after year our processing speed increases to keep up the pace with the developments in the ‘Silicon Valley’. We, the future employees of Google, Microsoft et al put our organizing and learning skills to test on 2nd and 3rd March amid fun and frolic.


We geeks focussed not only on coding but also on ‘Global attractions’ like ‘IPL auction’! Idiyappam to internships, everything was there during the 48 hours annual fete, where we focused not only on hardware and software but also what we wear.

Day one:

It was a bright day and our anxiety and adrenalin went up as the first event of the day OSPC opened up. It witnessed intense competition between the locals and the local foreigners- Coding skills were exhibited, where problem-solving was approached from different angles.

Simultaneously ‘Code Olympics, street coding and Coffee with Java also rocked the floor. It was coding, coding and coding althrough.

Not only writing codes but also correcting codes was part of the festival. Debugging event attracted a lot of attention. Freshers and seniors were all in action participating in removing the bug. Be it life or coding debugging is of paramount importance-once the bug is removed it’s all a happy story and we could see it on the participants faces as well.

An exclusive event titled ‘Google Desk’ to speak all about Google was bustling with activity to know more about the ‘dream employer’ and was an opportunity to learn about the global giant right from its humble beginnings. ‘Math-o-mania’ analysed the mathematical skills and teased the brain to the maximum. It looked simple but was tough throughout.

Some opted for ‘Treasure Hunt’ trying to find their way to find the booty.

Spoof TV shows were also part of the event titled ‘Connexions’.

As IPL season 10 is fast approaching we at ‘Prayatna’ was not lagging behind. So we also made out bids for the players with the cash available. OMG! The auction was so fierce. We hope the team owners take note of us too.
Paper presentation on various topics and Gaming wound the events of day one setting the tone for day two.

Day two:

It was a day full of more serious business with numerous technical events. All events happened simultaneously where the challenge was very tough and the competition was cutthroat. It all began with reverse coding where competitors kindled their brains to find the question with the answer available. ’Predict me if you can’-found a lot of enthusiastic participants.

‘Linux mate and SQL scholar’ were other challenging platforms which witnessed heavy activity on day two. Aspiring web designers tried their hands designing the www page. New ideas came from budding engineers. Mini Placement schedule had mock interviews and exhibited problem-solving skills.

The Mega event of the festival with 40K prize money was the most sought-after event during the two-day gala. Four rounds of the event witnessed comprehensive knowledge testing and were challenging and fun to the core.This two-day event raised the bar for the next edition in 2019 where we expect more events and greater challenges.

Prayatna-the effort to learn continues.


Reported by: Jayashree Sivaram, First Year, Computer Technology.


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