Mitafest 2018 – A Report

We live in a dangerous world. If you see a chance to be happy, you have to fight for it, so that you have no regrets later. And one such chance to dive into a jovial puddle was obviously south India’s antique cultural fest “MITAFEST”, organized and conducted in a clean manner by MIT’s “Athenaeum” from 22nd February, 2018 to 25th February, 2018.



“MITAFEST 2018” has indeed served to provide an arena for students of MIT as well as the students of the other colleges to showcase their uniqueness. What matters the most about talent is not having it inbuilt within us but portraying it to the world in the most beautiful way. As already said by Mr.Hari Sehwag, the chairman of Athenaeum in an interview, the motto of Athenaeum is simple: to do things differently and in the best possible manner, so that everyone gets their fair chance to exhibit themselves on the grand stage. And thereby Athenaeum proudly presented “MITAFEST 2018”. The four day fest had everything that a typical college cultural fest should have. The spectators with their hearty appreciations and criticisms made up the event totally complete. Though an “almost half-a-week fest”, “MITAFEST 2018” didn’t lose its charm, for the intensity of cherishment remained high and the expectations were not failed to be met.


Day 1:

As the eighth hour of the day bid an ebullient goodbye, the inauguration ceremony of “MITAFEST 2018” began. As expected Mrs.Shoba Chandrasekhar, actor Vijay’s mother lit up the ceremony cordially. All that a human being needs to be a human being is the patience to humbly listen and talk to people. In that way Mrs.Shoba Chandrasekhar interacted zestfully and answered all the questions that were put up by the students.
What is an evening during a fest without the open air theatre being beautifully decorated? The light music event elated the complete atmosphere.


Actress Yaashika Anand buffed up the stage with her classy ramp walk. And then The Department of Variety and Entertainment took over the stage. Once they were done with their host performance, the intra variety event began followed by the intra dance show.



Day 2

Another day dawned to witness the rolling events being held at the MIT road. This day was exclusively planned for MITians. Intra short films were telecasted at Rajam Hall followed by Solo dance, Adzap, Foot loose, Duet and Pot pouri.


Sun Music’s popular host, Mrs. Manimegalai Hussain radiantly hosted as the late night’s breeze was filled with the sound of violin by the violinist Durairaj. Super Singer fame Arvind also nicknamed “feelings Arvind” and Anu Anand, Gana Bala, singer Sharanya Srinivas and Sam yoci band gave their adorable rendition.


Day 2 of “MITAFEST 2018” elegantly ended with actress Janani Iyer ramp walking and posing for a selfie followed by the EDM show performed by Madarasi and the Kataerians.



Day 3:

Tamil Nadu being a state of antiquity obviously needs a two-pillar support to stand high besides the adulterations. In that way, MIT’s Tamil Mandram and Athenaeum always promise to hold the string of Senthamizh strong and stable. Being a south Indian fest, Tamil Mandram gracefully conducted a grand “Perani” followed by various events. The main motive of these events is to bring back the flashes of the forgotten ancient fame of Tamil tradition.


When it comes to gaming, Counter Strike, NFS, Fifa and Mini militia are the must haves. The support given by the other colleges made this program complete and enjoyable. Adzap and inter variety were conducted to let the students showcase their talents. Gurunanak College won the first place in the adzap and DJ Vaishnav College won the second place. And in the inter variety show, Anna University, College of Engineering, Guindy bagged the first prize and DJ Vaishnav College and Ethiraj College for Women won the second place.


Day 3 was made special by the presence of the upcoming Tamil film “Traffic Ramasamy” team. Mr.A.S.Chandrasekhar and actress Ambika with a few words of motivation and the facebook page “It’s a medical miracle da machan” team with their inspiring skit made this day even more special and thought provoking.


Day 4

This day woke up to the prelims of the most awaited event “Mr and Ms MITAFEST” followed by the inter college short film with “Alpha college of engineering” winning the prize. A lot of other events were being conducted at Rajam Lecture Hall Complex. Just when the day began to get a little dizzy, solo dance and duet became the energy boosting factor. Rameez from Vadapalani Campus of SRM University bagged the first prize and Dinesh Kumar bagged the second prize in solo dance. Sherin & Reffy from Urumu Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering were crowned the first place and Nitish Kumar & Tilakaraj were awarded the second place in the inter duet. And for the sports lovers, box cricket at the MIT Street made up for the factor.


As the sun celestially moved below the horizon, the finale of “Mr and Ms MITAFEST” was conducted at the OAT. From the crowd’s radiant and enthusiastic cry the title of Mr.MITAFEST was crowned to Mr.Aashique of The New College and the title of Ms.MITAFEST was crowned to Ms.Akshaya of Madras Institute of Technology. The entire crowd was high on spirits by the presence of the all time favourite actress Gautami Tadimalla, singer Aishwarya Kumar and actor John Vijay.

The dubbing artist Raghuvaran spoke a few funny words in the voice of the most entertaining cartoon character , Shinchan. Star Vijay’s anchor Rakshan, actor Kavin and singer Santhosh Narayanan spent their quality time with our students. And then the stage banging Choreonite began, that was judged by the “United by dance community” crew. “6th sense crew” from Vadapalani campus of SRM University bagged the second prize and “N Beaters” from Urumu Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering won the first place. As the sky was lit up with crackers and balloons, “KSRK & B” band performed beautiful songs of the Oscar fame A.R.Rahman in the Rehmania show.

“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”

MITAFEST keeps turning around every year and every time it never fails to meet the expectations of the spectators. The MIT Quill wishes the Athenaeum to keep providing a stage for new talents.


Reported by: Jayasri Dharshini, First Year, Production Technology.

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