Sparish 2018 – Report

While the whole city of Chennai was asleep on a lazy Sunday morning, our very own Chromepet was buzzing with an army of radiant and beaming young children, marching gleefully towards our MIT. Yes, it was the season of Sparish, the Rotaract Club’s even semester fest. Amidst other college fests such as Expro and Samitha, not only Rotaract club members, but also student volunteers overclocked themselves the whole night on Saturday to prepare for the big event tomorrow. The club members also enthusiastically welcomed our esteemed young guests from 9 homes across the city.



Around 250 children aged 8-18 from homes Kamaraj Illam, SOS, New Hope New life, Seventh star, Child Home, Seer, Ramalinga Adigal, Avvai illam and Good life came to the fest. The inaugural of Sparish was started at 10:15 AM with an exuberant speech by our beloved dean Dr.A.Rajadurai followed by fellow Rotarians. After the speeches, the day proceeded with Sparish’s densely packed events for the children such as chess, carrom, drawing and puzzle solving. The very spirit of childhood, their playfulness, the longing to get rid of their loneliness, all such divergent feelings and emotions were expressed in their blooming young faces.



A sumptuous lunch was served for the young kiddos at around 1 PM at our MIT hostel mess. After a tummy filled lunch, the real deal of the day began. The stage was rocked with fantabulous performances such as solo dance,group dance and singing. The whole campus was vibed in the roars of cheers that afternoon. Tears welled up in the eyes of the organizers and volunteers as they bid farewell to the unadulterated young souls after dinner who became kith and kin with them that day. It was truly a day that unfolded their enthralling happiness and those kids took the biggest rooms of our hearts. As the saying “Children may forget what you say but they’ll never forget how you made them feel”, Sparish truly engraved an eternal ecstasy in the hearts of the children and the adults that day.

Reported by Siva Surjith, First Year, ECE.

Photographed by Dhanvanth Raman, third year Automobile, Saran, second year IT, and Vaira Vignesh, an alumnus of MIT from the batch of 2013.

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