Samhita 2018- A Report

The main motive behind education is the application of the skills to lead human life towards betterment.

With that refining thought in mind, aristocrats have paved several ways to implement education in the practical life. The concept of “symposiums” is one such!

 When the entire globe awaits the next giant leap of technology that will set big time changes in the human lives, even the common public expects the graduates with prominent four star skills , in order to persist for a long time, in the fields.

With a keen focus on enhancing the homo sapiens-intelligence’ in the era of ‘artificial intelligence’, various symposiums are being conducted throughout the country.

Samhitha is one such national level symposium that is being conducted with grandeur and elegance, and is solely devoted for the accomplishment of a better technology. “Samhitha’18 “ is a two day national level technical symposium conducted by the information technology association of MIT.



The nourishing national level jamboree for tech-savvy scholars  happens to be Samhita each year  with lucrative events, workshops and competitions.The organizing team is composed of  enthusiasts from IT department and ITA and under this pretext, it moulded many student organizers. This year the extravaganza turned prolific by the unblemished materialization of 15+ technical shows,7+ non-technical events,6 workshops and 10+ interns with prizes worth 6L on 16 th and 17th February,2018. The media coverage was by news 7 and Behind woods. And here we present the quintessence of the 2 days’ event.





 A good beginning  is half success, and adding proof to this thought, the Samhitha’18 inauguration instilled positivity and confidence among the organisers and participants. The symposium made its advent through a robust inauguration and  eloquent talk by the guest of honor Mr.Sivakumar Gopalakrishnan. The salubrious workshops on Internet of things, Python programming, Block chain technology, Crypto currency, Android app  development were rendered by the firms Amazon, Zoho, IBM, Rex solutions, Ajira tech and Hakuna matata and attracted a large crowd.

These workshops dealt about the blooming concepts in the corporate field and were excellently explained by the experts. Adding a feather to the cap, one of the workshops as mentioned above was  about “Building skills for Alexa” which was flawlessly conducted by the “Amazon Alexa”, one of the high-ranking companies. “Python programming” , which is mandatory these days was also conducted by people from Zoho. The latter part of the day  went synchronous with preliminary rounds for events like Hackathon, code obfuscation ,D-code, street coding and non tech events like Math-o-mania, Connections, IPL auction and photography with astute contestants from various colleges. The accomplished day provided the asphalt for a flourishing day 2 of Samhita.


DAY 2:

The second day marked the culmination of  technical and non-technical rounds by testing the inventiveness of influential thinkers.Recognition and  appreciation of avid participants is the prerequisite to sculpt and motivate the minds of students. So, as a sequel the most equipped and competent candidates were chosen and conferred with rewards,certificates on the second day. Finally the sunset witnessed the awaited Alumni meet with seniors and juniors united under the T series. It was entertained by cultural relishes and warm fellowship.


Ultimately the 2 days furnished  ravishing  memories and emerged out to be successful and productive.


Reported by: Sindujaa Parthasarathy and Sushmitha Kumar, First Year, Information Technology.

Photographed by: Hari Prabhakaran, First Year, Information Tecnology.

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