The Best Gift of Almighty – Poem

A small kid, around teenagers mid,
With fresh immature thoughts,the developing stage,
With a mere cheer on the face but At heart stranded he stood,
Had bad loneliness,cries,pains and aches in that age.


 Flipping the pages of memories , seated in the corner,
Turning over one by one with a harsher cry and ache on the other,
Each turn over in that album ,broke his uneven pain over and over
Visualized those joyful days which would never ever be there.


 Each flip,welled his eyes again ,begging for those days,
His fingers mildly moved all over the pictures,
Gently he wipes the dust of the years instead of the tears dripping from his eyes,
Still with a broken heart,with a breathless body,
tears in his eyes and a shiver in his soul,
he yearns for a chance to get back to heavens!


He was loved ,cared and pampered pricelessly
Was blessed to be in the arms of a holy friendly soul constantly,
Happy be him, when those hands used to reach his head not to brush his hair but to bless blissfully,


Most secured was he, when those pure lips kissed his forehead gently,
Being  brought up in those hands and by such a soul greatly.


 He weeps,he cries,he sobs, for she was no more ,
The best gift was that “she”,
whom he termed as his “MOM”.


Written by : Saloni Jain, First Year, Computer Technology.

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