Living the College Life

College life: The sublime escapade in anyone’s life

College is an enthralling alignment; it is the time we are exposed to all sorts of people, and these days, it is more like a pampered kid perambulating from his/her comfort zone and diving into a plethora of beginnings and possibilities. With responsibility clad minds and fantasy invaded hearts, the next spell of our life starts. College life prepares us for all sorts of trauma, indeed an important life skill.

The very word COLLEGE is riveting and energizing! Needless to say this was the effervescence in my mind after having nestled in an acclaimed institution aka MIT. The place is saturated with massive possibilities for any astute learner of any genre, from the perspective of a geeky astute novice with technical aspirations to that of a vivid individual with artistic intellect, this place lives up to everyone’s desires.

The eminent magnificence in my college is the Techno-crat series(t-series) where new students are assigned mentors from previous batches.The exclusive elegance of our college, the senior-junior culture turns out to be productive every year, which is a heart warming emotion. The tree covered college road is A VISUAL BLISS! All these amenities are familiar epithets about the college. Above all, the most notable life lesson is that, “Learning in life never ends..” Academia, as they say never lets us free.

The differentiating aspect in college is that we learn not by any driving force or any obsession but truly out of the impulse in us. The greatest impediment in this phase of life is to balance our passion and creative interests with preparations for our subjects and technical dissertation. Evidently, cultural events are exciting for anyone and this arena reveals the fine arts troop to the world. We could be the dancer of our dreams, a vocalist or even showcase our technical prowess. Involuntarily we get equipped with nuances in our passion by encouragement from others or by the urge from peer groups. Also the beautiful part is that we could enjoy the presence of celebrities invited for the show. The icing on the cake is the humanitarian satisfaction after working for non-profit organizations! So, after gaining the balance between learning and passion we could emerge out to be the alluring sculpture of the society!

In a nutshell, college is a complete sphere filled with technical and social responsibilities, undeniably a spring season in our lives! After years of departure from college, we all will recollect the moments that carry sentimental values, friends who behaved like our siblings,the unexpected road trips, mockeries about canteen food, bunks, secret plans for birthday celebrations, the adorable dogs, the stationery shopkeeper and the xerox stores with unnoticed tears from eyes..A phase that has prepared us to be the knights in the battlefield!!

Written by Sushmitha Kumar, First Year, Information Technology.

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