Carte Blanche 2018 – Report

Carte Blanche is a National Level Inter-Disciplinary Tech Fest of MIT conducted by The Computer Society of MIT commonly known as CSMIT on February 9-11, 2018. The Fest had 40+ events (6 events for each stream), 9 workshops – 3 for each stream (Mech,Algo and Elex), 25+ internships sponsored by many companies. It also witnessed the sponsorships from Zoho Corporation, LIC, DRDO, MAS robotics and so on. Online events include OLPC, Mannequin challenge, Photography contest and so on which had many participants.



Day 1:

The Fest was inaugurated by Mr.T.Hariraj, CEO of Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd. Round 1 of various non-technical events like Treasure Hunt, Quiz , IPL Auction, Gaming were conducted.

Workshops on the 1st day include Ethical hacking and cyber security, Deep machine learning and Machine intelligence for Algo stream; Live surgery of IC Engines for Mech stream and Robotics in Defense and Defense Electronics Conducted by DRDO . Over 10 scientists from DRDO came for the workshop.



Day 2:

Round 2 and final rounds of all non-technical events were conducted. The workshops for the 2nd were Noughat development workshop for Algo stream; Internet of things and Networking by BSNL and Embedded C programming in PIC using Proteus for Elex stream; Automotive sketching and Aerodynamics Modeling , Mechanical materials with Industrial Visit for Mech stream. The IOT workshop took place for 3days.

‘Back to School’ was one of the main events of the day which had enthralling events and games designed exclusively for school children . More than 400 school students took part in it.

The flagship event was  ‘Carte Blanche Kube Open’ conducted by World Cube Association which had participants from all over India. The event is recognized worldwide.


Day 3:

All the technical events were conducted. The Mechanical material with Industrial Visit workshop of the Mech stream was conducted. The latter rounds of the ‘Carte Blanche Kube Open’ conducted by World Cube Association took place. All the Robotic events like Robo war, Maze solver, Robo race, Line replica, Sort bot and All-terrain were conducted which had many participants.



Food and accommodation were provided for participants. Hackathon and a full day coding contest was also organized. The event got 1000+ registrations online and witnessed 600+ participants overall.


Reported by: Anirudh Ravi, First Year, Automobile Engineering.

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