The Mysteries and Intrigues of Childhood

Sunday is here once more full of promises but, as usual I’m sitting on the porch listening to the never fading cacophony of children’s voices…my mind reels back to a time when I was a little kid, don’t worry this is not yet another account of my childhood. It is ‘their’ story. Be it any holiday immediately ‘their’ captain – a stout girl of ten would, without delay go about sounding the alarm of their group that is highly effectual, for instantaneously the deserted road is filled with children of varying ages.


Once everyone is assembled, they begin with a solemn conference of the week’s progress and the trending gossip, for instance once they had this really somber discussion on the topic ‘Viral Games’ which was perceived by the members of the group with such straight faces that it made me so badly want to roll on the floor with laughter!! After which ‘la rue’ would be transformed into a hub of such activity that any newbie to the locality would fail to recognize it on any regular day.

A while later after having exhausted themselves, these mischievous kids would demand refreshments from any gullible ‘uncle’ or ‘aunty’ which they are sure to be provided with, owing to those puppy faces they have mastered. A while later they would again group but this time to have a singing competition during which their ‘leader’ would practice her commendable Hindi speaking skills with the new entrant, a North- Indian. By the time the riff-off comes to an end you are sure to be humming against your own will…Then, they would resume their friendly banter that is sure to end in a deadly squabble following which each would retire to their own homes.


The next week they again meet… and I believe one can complete my sentence without any prompting. However hard you try to jog their memory to the events of the previous week that preceded their tears and anguish, they’ll simply stare at you their minds flooding with thoughts comparing you to a lunatic. This is the complexity of childhood that we have failed to interpret; the qualities which though highly coveted never actually have been acquired.

Written by: Nisha Deborah Philips, First Year, Computer Technology.

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