I know this issue of clubs being redundant has been touched upon before by a fellow senior in college. I just thought I’d add to this, as it has affected me quite a bit and I second his thoughts. I also feel that a club’s bank account should be frozen if it’s redundant for a period of more than 2 years.

It’s been almost two years since I entered Paradise. I came to know about the existence of this one particular club in our college while getting acquainted with my department senior. He was nice to me and informed me of the competition being held by them in my first semester and demanded my participation and guess what! I was recognized by the members of the club for my performance (Thanks senior. And that wasn’t sarcasm). I was quite impressed with the way the event was held and the professionalism displayed. It was something I really liked and didn’t mind reaching home late in the night. I wanted to join the club badly. We (dumb first years with zero rational thinking or professionalism but high egos) got an opportunity to represent the club during an event. We got carried away by the attitude we could flaunt as we were part of the “Coolest Club of MIT”. Obviously, the event wasn’t a big success but satisfactory as we were first timers.



Second semester arrives and the clubs started recruiting. It was THE DAY I was waiting for. 8 first years turned up (out of which 3 were dragged in) but nevertheless all the members were familiar faces, so it wasn’t an issue. Plus I wouldn’t blame them as there’s nothing fun that can been done with 5 people turning up. Here comes the fun part. In the days leading up to “The Day”, many seniors ridiculed me for being a part of it citing various reasons and asked me to quit. I turned a deaf ear to it as I liked the way it was. Guess I just had to wait for the clock to run itself down.

The activities started becoming seldom; meetings were being attended by a handful. It started to stall. Approaching the ending of the academic year, the wings just couldn’t continue providing lift. (Flaunting my AEROZZZ skills with some aerodynamics.) It just ended abruptly with none of the plans/ideas materializing.

New academic year, fresh thoughts, fresh and enthusiastic minds. Stupid of me to enter with such expectations. I threw them in the bin after the first meeting as things were still at square one. Their “event” had the smallest prime number of participants with the smallest prime number of people given wild card entries as they had to show statistics to save them from humiliation. The award ceremony was attended by about 1111-10100 people. (Heads up- Google binary system of numbers and if you B.Tech degree students googled it, God help you). You must be wondering about the prize money. Don’t worry guys. That’s gonna be part-2.


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So whose fault is it? Mine? Or the clubs decision to refrain from having a proper office? Was it just everyone’s laziness? Why did this happen? Were almost everyone affected by this? What happened to its “glory” it had in the past? Why was there a mass exodus?

Even this academic year is nearing its end and taking the sine of the club’s activities is useless. About a month ago, I didn’t feel a purpose of being there. I was the only y in the equation of x and couldn’t be solved as I couldn’t be grouped. And hence, I called it a day. Thanks guys. (Holds up a placard for all the Sheldon Coopers out there)

Dear members of the club- if you are reading this, hope you realize the folly and try to debug the club. The current state of the club is disappointing. Freshers are eager and they will do anything for the club. Use them well and don’t disappoint them by filtering or being redundant.

Disclaimer :
I don’t have anything against the Aero department. The term was just used to lighten the text instead of it being staid. Neither do I have anything against the club. This is just my expression and hope you take it in the right sense.

Written by: Madhav Ganapathy, Second Year, Aeronautical Engineering.

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