Intecho 2018 – Report

Engineering initiates the use of laid down scientific theories and laws, attached with extensive practical work. With the desires and needs of the people increasing at an exponential pace there is an incessant requirement to create well-versed technologists who would in turn develop better technologies. This gave is what an intercollegiate technical symposium tries to achieve.

‘Make in India’ is an initiative launched by the Government of India to encourage multinational as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India. With ‘Make in India’ as the seed, the IEA,department of Instrumentation Engineering of Madras Institute of Technology bore the fruit of success by holding a national level intercollegiate symposium Intecho’18 on January 25 and 26,2018.

Instrue 8.0 , an annual technical magazine was brought out by the Instrumentation Engineers Association (IEA), MIT at its technical festival Intecho . It holds novel ideas and technical articles from various domains of Engineering contributed by technocrats across the nation.


Our fluttering butterflies in the cocoon of Instrumentation department were spotted spreading their colors of charisma, flapping all the way through! So did begin the Intecho’18, the annual national level Technical symposium with sizzling synergy!


The inaugural ceremony was held at the break of dawn wherein the head of the department presented an annual report on the performance of the whole department. Mr.Jaya Prakash,Vice president of control and Instrumentation, Baltimore gas & elementary graciously devoted his time to enlighten the students with his innovative thoughts.

The day-1 kicked off with the participants running around to participate in events namely project display, Idea presentation and Paper presentation. They were judged based on their level of innovation and creativity.

About 6 surrounding schools with 200 students came forward to participate in Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam Science Exhibition which was held in remembrance of our beloved senior Kalam. The college wore a happy look with little hands holding projects and models.

Robots were meant to make human’s life easier, but ironically humans witnessed robots struggling to get out of the obstacles in the series of robotic events that happened. The robo race, war, soccer, line follower, and all terrain were a set of nail biting events that kept the spectators in awe.


Non- technical events such as B-Plan, general quiz, connexions and chess too took place while workshops on industrial automation, deep learning, Internet of things, Lab view, embedded systems had a large number of students from other colleges participating.

The second day of the symposium began with Mr/Ms.Instru . Workshops from the previous day continued. Informals such as treasure hunt, Pot pouri, IPL auction, etc. never failed to entertain the participants.

Many technical events such as tech elite, burn the code,mu-pro,hit the bug proved that INTECHO’18 was not just about fun but about knowledge too!
Scholarships were given out to the deserving students by the alumni of the college.


“Sunsets are a proof that endings can be beautiful too!” , parallely we had the two day fest winding up with the most awaited alumni meet which took place in the Open Air Theatre .

Each T-Series (the Technocrat series) had their separate round table conferences where the alumni reminisced their pasts with their juniors along with countless number of advices over a delicious dinner. Mementos were distributed to the passed out seniors . Finally, the students bid adieu to the fest as well as their alumni seniors, so did they , counting the days for their next fest ! It coincides with Tagore’s quote “You leave your memory as a flame to my lovely lamp of separation.”

Reported by: Rajeshwari Ramanathan and Darshini Mohan, First Year, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

Photographed by: Raj Sabareesh, First Year , Aeronautical Engineering and Nandha.B, First Year, Mechanical Engineering.

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