A Static in our ever-on Radio

Question no.: 8, second subdivision had two subdivisions. One was known, while the other was not. I could not move my pen further nor could I jot a story down that could fit in. And the guy before me had been writing without a pause! When I was baffled on what to write, this guy suddenly got up rising his finger to notify something to the invigilator. I was pretty sure that he was going for an additional sheet. That was when I realized, that I had been observing him for the past fifteen minutes. The invigilator smelled the same and approached him with papers. But he had not stood for that.


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Now my thoughts slowly drifted as to who he could be; He wasn’t a student in our class, nor a familiar face in my school nor in my locality. Absorbed by these thoughts, I wanted to remind to myself that it was an exam, something important to me. This set forth a sequence of counteractive thoughts bristling in my mind. I suddenly found myself with mild tremors and an overlay of sweat on my face. Was it anxiety? Nervousness? Or the most popular ‘stress’ that we all love to manage?


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Whatever that troubles your mind, whatsoever be the reason is often sheer manifestation of fear for someone or something. We, after all are social animals constantly trepidated by fear of future stemming from varied perceptions of good and bad. For better or worse, ‘stress’ has become a part and parcel of our life and an unwelcome asset managed by everyone of us,next only next to wealth and time. A kid at the age of five or six, doesn’t feel any ‘stress’ as his/her mind is strong enough to adventure the consequences. An adult nearing twenty often ends up with a frail mind burdened with responsibilities gifted by clocks and calendars. The pressure to act mature and outshine the fellow beings in every aspect of life makes us uncomfortably conscious about our actions and fear their consequences. Have we ever given a thought on the whole concept of good and bad? The answer is not so straight forward as we think.

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Think of yourself falling sick suddenly when the college cultural events are to be held and your friends are in the pink of their health. Doesn’t that seem bad? “Good or bad, hard to say”. Now think again of a situation, where your batch was not meant to be enjoying the college cultural event but to manage the crowd during that. Now you are absolved of the work because you are ill. Doesn’t that seem like good luck? I repeat again,”Good or bad, hard to say”. Don’t bristle with prejudices and fear the consequences to be good or bad. That’s obsolete. Fear is the static that disturbs the clarity of your mind that’s an ever-on radio. And never judge or think of future consequences and just spectate life as it unfolds.

Thought of why that boy stood at first to call the invigilator?

Oh, that’s alright if you are curious. “Ignorance Is Bliss“, the wise say.


Written by Sai Sudharshan Ravi, first year Automobile Engineering. 

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