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One of the major perks of being an MITian is that we are gifted with a lot of free hours, comparatively which drives us to the equation where,  more free hours=more time for food. Nonetheless, the need for quick-bites always remains vacant in the corporate of our hunger. Without any further delay, let’s have a look at some quick food spots in and around Chromepet. (The list is not in order)

1.Rich and Creamy.

Probably all the commuters would have come across this place while traversing in one of the most popular roads of the town aka the GST Road. Located within a few hundred meters from the bus stop and few hundred kilometers from LHC (:p) , this is an exact spot for evening bites without much money being run-off your pockets.
Suggested :Any burger and a dessert.
Budget: Rs.150-200.
Highlights: Sizzling Brownie.


Yet another wonderful spot, this shop can be spotted near the Saravana Stores Signal. Loaded with a gloomy ambiance, this place serves some delicious food in and around this locality. All you got to do is wait for a few more minutes or lets say you get a lot of time to spend with your friends or whomsoever concerned, before you hear the thud of your order when it is kept on your table. This has got some wide variety of mocktails too.
Suggested: Any Breads and a mocktail
Highlights:Pasta,Green alligator

3.Bengal Cafe.

Not much of us would have known about this cafe. Situated on the opposite side, near KFC, this place has got a wide variety of chat items with good quantity and taste. Hitting it at the evening might surprise you as the crowd level goes on increasing. Undoubtedly, this serves as a budget-friendly snackbar near you.
Suggested: BhelPuri and PavBhaaji
Budget: Rs.50-100
Highlights: Masala Pav and Lemon tea.


Hey there! Cozypeople.Ofcourse the ice-cream destination of CPT is this. Like every shop of its franchise, it tastes the same, costs the same and serves the same.But you might find some trouble in getting a table for you and your partner for having a sense-striking dessert, lucky if you got one.
Suggested:Well, that Anna himself will suggest  better flavours :p
Highlights:Raajbhog,Belgian Chocolate, Swiss Chocolate, Chocolate Rhapsody.

(All chocolates are not the same -_-).

5. SV Sweets and Bakers.

Located at the inner streets of Radha Nagar,this is definitely the most student-friendly spot in this locality. Money won’t be a matter of consideration and of course you can treat yourself with more varieties.But this place is more serious with the time factor,(open challenge to Japan :p), as the stuff runs out so quickly. To make yourself fed well, get there before your watch beeps five.
Suggested: Mayonnaise and a Softie.
Highlights:Chocodip,Rasamalai,Samosas and cutlets.

Written by Naren Venkatesh, Second Year, Automobile Engineering.

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