By Shreyas Salem Srinivasan

The most celebrated technical festival in the field of Automobile Engineering in this country was held on February 22 and 23 with an astounding response from the student fraternity. With 5 workshops, close to 20 technical events and a few non technical events, AUTOMEET 2014 was organized to test the skills and technical know-how of students of Automobile Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in this country and also to provide a platform, where they can learn more about the systems in automobiles, advancements in automobiles and basics and ethics of designing automobiles.

The two day affair started off with the inauguration, with our college senior, Mr.Velusamy, Vice President, Mahindra and Mahindra, Power train and Tractor Equipments, gracing us with his presence as Chief Guest. Prof. Dr. Thamairaiselvi, Dean, MIT, and Prof. Dr. G. Devaradjane, Head of the Department, Department of Automobile Engineering, also wished the students for the success of the event. They were joined by Prof. Dr. M. Senthil Kumar, President, Automobile Engineers Association (AEA), and Prof. Dr. K. Annamalai, Faculty Advisor, AEA along with Mr. S. Vignesh, Chairman, AEA and Mr. Subudhi Saiesh, Secretary, AEA.


Day 1 had most of the technical events, along with a workshop and a few informal events. The events included Pit Stop, in which participants were asked to remove and fit a wheel of the SAE SUPRA car made by students of MIT. Close to 75 participants took part in the same. CAD modelling and ANSYS competition were held in the department lab, in which the students were asked to design and analyze stress, respectively, in components specified by the organizers. Royal Mechanic event tested the skills of students by asking them to dismantle and assemble the given engine. The students were tested on the procedure and parts in the engine. Spot Seminar event tested the technical knowledge of the participants. The participants were asked to pick a paper, which had the name of a component written on it. The student had to identify the component in the tray and speak about the component. The students were judged on basis of ID of component and content they speak about the component. Paper Presentation event had 10 teams that were shortlisted based on online registrations using the abstracts of their paper, with papers ranging from engine to machining of components to tools used in workshops. Goodwin Motors’ day 1 of the Dismantling and Assembling workshop also took place. The participants got to know the working, procedure and methodology to service a two wheeler engine. CVT workshop by Avenue Nissan showed the participants about the latest trends in Nissan and the working of CVT transmission.
Royal License event, a non-technical event, was conducted on MIT Avenue, outside Hangar 1. The participants, with driving license, were asked to drive around the obstacles in a two wheeler without touching the obstacles and trying not to keep their feet on the ground.


Day 2 had 3 workshops, apart from day 2 of dismantling and assembling workshop by Goodwin Motors, along with few more technical events. RC workshop taught students on the working of an IC engine powered RC car and also on how to make one, themselves. The students also got to learn on the fuel used in RC cars and how to maintain and service the car. Workshop on developments in Mahindra by Mahindra and Mahindra provided students the insight of the working aesthetics of Mahindra and Mahindra and also the technology that goes into each and every one of their vehicles. Automotive Design and Styling workshop had renowned Italian designer, Mr. Emanuelle Nicosia, former designer at Pininfarina and GHIA Ford and the man behind Ferrari’s Testarossa and currently Head, DY Patil DC School of Design, Pune. Participants had the opportunity to learn the aesthetics and the basics behind designing a car. The trainer interacted with the students, giving them tips on designing various categories of vehicles, from a small e-vehicle to an SUV to a sports car.
As for the events on day 2, Project Presentation had the shortlisted participants bringing the working model of their projects. The best working model won the price. The premium event of Automeet, the Auto Quiz had more than 50 teams participating this year. The questions ranged from technical to motorsports to history to acquisition and recent trends. RC car race took place in the GJ Park, with the track laid out to provide the difficulty levels for the participants. Robot Wars took place inside Hangar 1 with teams from all around the city coming in to participate.

With close to 2000 students participating, Automeet 2014 was indeed a grand success.

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