Who Is To Blame?

I pity people who still dwell on the thought that girls need to be dressed properly because boys out there get intimidated by their attires and get indulged in sexual harassment. Like seriously? Even after looking at the ample examples set by the so called rapists of our country, you people want girls to change their dressing sense and thoughts about going out during late nights? It’d be better if you go and get some brains.




Do you think Zainab, a 7-year old girl wore a short skirt, looking at which the assailant found her so appealing and wanted to sodomize that soul? Do you think a 40-year old man raped a 21-month year old girl looking at the curves in her body?  Or do you think a 24-year old boy found a 5-year old deaf and dumb girl wearing short tops and skinny jeans, which made him turn merciless and raped her until morning? A 3-year old girl was allegedly molested by her neighbor and was found bleeding profusely in her private parts. Is it even logical to comment that the innocent child intentionally seduced that man by her looks?

I pity those who do body shaming and advise girls not to become a victim. I wonder when you’ll get some sense and tell boys to behave properly and not to become the next assailant of this country.


We’re living in a society where heinous rape cases occurred within days of the Nirbhaya verdict, which clearly depicts that criminals have little regard for the deterrents. People are living in a misconception that even rapists deserve second chances. But sadly, their mistaken notion hasn’t cleaned the vile minds, instead it has proliferated the number of assailants in this society. Girls aren’t toys to be played with. Girls can’t be dumb whenever you want to dominate her over your stupid stereotypical thoughts. We have our own rights to stay outdoors and dress as per our wish.

It’d be good if you people change your thoughts about girl’s protection and rather boys to act with moral conduct.

Written by Subiya Sara, second year ECE.

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