Those Mysterious Whys

“Me and you”. Why is that so? Why can’t I live my life as ‘I’ rather thanstrictly being ‘us’ or ‘his’? Why can’t a girl live her pitiful life as she wants to, rather than living in the style that the society desires to? Why should a girl always be under a man’s control, both in terms of domination and compassion, when all she wants is mere freedom?

Why are the bleeding women considered to be more impure and detestable, when all human lives are actually born out of it? Why can’t an independent girl lead a peaceful life at her own pace rather than being a cocooned larva in the name of morality? Why do girls from middle class society experience starry looks from people when they express their ambitions of high standards?


Why can’t an independent woman be straight forward with gunshot answers rather than nodding her dumb head for all her partner’s decisions? Why can’t a woman be led to fly like a free butterfly when men are given the majestic power to go beyond the universe? Why should a woman be bound to her family circle, when she is supposed to conquer the entire spherical globe?

Why should a woman always claim for rights when it is all explicit to her from the almighty? And.. when women outrage with a heap of these “whys”, the world becomes quiet, because the answers remain void…

Written by Sindujaa P, First year Information Technology.

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