Hang in There! – Poem

I know not
If there’s anyone like me
Who takes each step wider
Just to walk out of the herd.
I know people
Who look at their scars
In the mirror.
But dear, mirrors break
Yet the reflections never fade.


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I realise that
Life is nothing
But moving towards Death,
An old friend who brought us here.
Some, too impatient to meet Her.
I tell myself, “Hang in there”
Cause Death knows when to arrive.
Who am I to yell at Her
So She will wade in sooner?
I see pretty girls
The curls of their lips
Perfectly sculpted.
My sculptor wasn’t a hard worker.
But I don’t mind.
I may not have beautiful skin.
Dark elbows and dark circles,
Lips not red,
Hips don’t swing.
Yet I live
For I know beauty lies within.
And Death is one selfish lady
So insecure that
She makes us lose others
Whilst loving us.


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Be not credulous.
Be blind but trust yourself.
Touch your heart
As it’s the only one
That wishes us to be alive,
And tell, “Hang in there”.
I am the girl
Who forgets the date thrice a day
And makes untimely jokes.
I’m the girl
Who hates herself every night.
I’m also the girl
Who misses every sunrise.
Still walking out of the herd,
Unwilling to follow anyone,
Breaking stereotypes
And finding love in herself.
I know not
If there’s anyone like me.
If there is
Just hang in there!


Penned by Swathi Mohan, third year Aeronautical Engineering


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