By Nikhil Kanakamedala

The English Dramatics Club Of MIT has undergone a face lift and with a team of nearly 60 enthusiastic members are now called THE BOX OFFICE. Arjun Menon, a 3rd year student leads the team with his unique style along with Mr. Jayanth, Professor-in-charge who has been the backbone in kick starting their journey.

THE BOX OFFICE were given a one hour slot on the day three of MITAFEST’ 14. Here I’d like to appreciate Team Athenaeum for giving a new team, a chance to perform irrespective of their credibility. It was a welcome decision and the team put up a performance that made the Athenaeum feel good about their decision.

It was 6pm, a time when the OAT had the chairs intact and when most among the audience were sane. The team was to perform an episode from the vintage comedy series Mind Your Language. The prominent characters were retained and two new characters, ‘Telugu MP’ and ‘Brahmin Girl’ were included. Each actor performed to his/her best and it was well received by the audience. Zamil’s pronunciation was top class which makes him perfect for the character Mr. Brown. Ali Nadeem was undoubtedly the best character of the show and Ehab who portrayed it has done complete justice. He shows promises of a versatile actor in the making. The Telugu MP’s introduction to the scene made the audience cheer a bit. No one could’ve been better than Suraj for this character. His mannerisms left the audience in splits.


The Brahmin girl and Chung Su-Lee had very little dialogues and Mr. Brown forgot to take down the Brahmin girl’s name (which might be deliberate as a matter of fact). The Italian guy looked like an Italian and I think the costume and the prop team should be appreciated for that. Max, the Greek portrayed by Prasanth had the perfect dialect which was there throughout the show. Danielle portrayed by Sushmitha was booed constantly by the audience for no reason. I think she was perfect for the character.

Ranjeeth Singh, the Sikh (not Sick!) was portrayed by Prashanth who delivered his dialogues neat and clean and his mannerisms were professional. The bodyguards of the Telugu MP did little but did fine. The Muslim lady confused the audience for a while with her actions. A white board was used but it was not facing the audience. Miss Courtney, though she forgot some lines, had a decent accent.


Being a live performance and that too in an open air theater, there were possibilities of lapses at various stages of the skit. TBO has done a great deal of practice as most of the people seemed to remember their lines and a flow was maintained throughout the skit. Towards the end though, a small lapse occurred. The audience were unable to comprehend as most of the characters moved to one end of the stage. A bomb had to explode to mark the end of the skit and unfortunately the mike along with the stand had also fallen down (No chance of knowing whether it was part of the skit). I also felt that at the end, Arjun could’ve introduced to the audience the backstage members i.e., the non-acting members who have done a brilliant job in the costumes, props and dialogues. You can check out the video of their skit below and maybe even compare it with the original. TBO’s first performance – A hit.

My rating: 8.8/10
Audience reception: 8.1/10


On behalf of The MIT Quill, I wish The Box Office the best in their future endeavors.

Nikhil is an Instrumentation undergrad who is very much passionate in Engineering. Cricket followed by Pani puri is his favourite pass time. He is an avid reader and a small time writer.

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