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“While encouraging new talents and paving ways for each and every one to step up their game and prove their mettle, we’ve also made sure to uphold our policy of spreading the gained knowledge.” says Kaushik Dhandapani, chairman of The Computer Society of MIT, Final Year, ECE, in an interview with the MIT Quill.

Tell us something about yourself and what is your post in CSMIT?

I am Kaushik Dhandapani from  Pondicherry, doing my final year in ECE.

When did you join CSMIT?

I was a part of CSMIT ever since my 3rd semester.I was given the post  of Treasurer of CSMIT during my third year. This year I became the Chairman.

Who came up with the idea of CSMIT and when was it formed?

The Computer Society (then called Computer Club) of Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chrompet was founded in 1983, by the students of non-InfoTech branches with a view of improving their knowledge in the field of computer science.

 What does CSMIT bring to the college? How has it helped the students?

The Computer Society of MIT (CSMIT) has been synonymous with bringing new, exciting and innovative ideas of the students to the forefront of our college community. Right from helping the students overcome their fear of comprehending technical concepts and coding by conducting training sessions, organizing talent search fest and hosting mega intra and inter college events like Enigma and Carte Blanche, we’ve done it all. While encouraging new talents and paving ways for each and every one to step up their game and prove their mettle, we’ve also made sure to uphold our policy of spreading the gained knowledge. This has made sure that the knowledge gained, grows exponentially and in turn helps students up their ante in every aspect.

These training sessions that you mentioned, how often are they conducted?

They are conducted weekly by final years with expertise in that topic.

How many members are a part of the club currently?

It has about 100 members across all streams and 6 office bearers. The staff in charge is Ms.D.Piratheba and the Head of Computer Centre is Prof. T.Catherine Bina.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met through CSMIT? Why do you call them interesting?

The most interesting person I’ve met through CSMIT was Mr.Srinivasan Varathan, Global Architecture Head of DXC Technologies. He was the chief guest of this year’s CSMIT Inauguration. The reason I find him interesting is because of his deep insight into the reality of the IT industry backed by his positive attitude and advice on surviving in such a highly competitive and unstable industry.

Have you collaborated with any other club to hold an event?

During CB’17 we collaborated with the World Cube Organization for conducting the CBKO 2017. It was a milestone in CSMIT’s progress and the hope is to do that every year hereafter. Among the clubs of MIT, we usually collaborate with the Quiz club for conducting Quiz events during our intra and inter college symposiums.

Is there any moment or event that overwhelmed you, any unforgettable memory?

An unforgettable moment was the last day of Carte Blanche’17. Conducting the 3 days fest was the most humongous task I have ever been a part of. Having successfully completed it was indeed a moment of overwhelming joy and a self-satisfactory feeling of having achieved something.

Finally, Will the first years be joining the club this semester? Do you have any particular routine to get the juniors to join?

First years are not usually allowed to join CSMIT’s routines. However they are free to participate in our symposiums. During the start of each academic year, we usually conduct an orientation session and assign the members to various teams. During the orientation session they will be briefed about the various teams available and will be asked to choose one.

Interviewed by: Asmath.M, third year, Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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