Understanding Starts With (Yo)U – 2

Hey there! We’re meeting again after quite some time .In case you’re wondering what I’m going to say, it’s nothing really serious but I hope it makes you think a bit at the end of the day.

With the election fever rising, and the Tamil news channels constantly reminding us of them, I’ve been mesmerized into believing that an article about them is the need of the hour.


Why do we need elections? Such a stupid question… I know, but this has been the question in our hearts for quite some time now. We’re not really interested in choosing a leader. Then what made us behave in such a manner? Are we careless or did we lose hope?

Yeah politics is depressing. We think something and what happens is completely something else. But is turning our head away, the right thing to do? We all say we care about the government and the people. We are all more than willing to put the blame on the government and of course, fate. But we never acknowledge the fact that they are where they are because of our votes (our choices to be precise).

The future is in the hands of students. The young minds can determine the fate of a nation even but we need a leader, a strong force to guide us. “As is the crown, so shall be the people.” (மன்னன் எவ்வழியோ மக்களும் அவ்வழியே ) Even when picking vegetables in a market, we are so cautious. But when it comes to choosing a government to whom we entrust our taxes, is it appropriate to be careless?



We, the future of the nation are not ready to fill out even survey forms. We’re on our own determined path. Either we’re too ambitious or too afraid or we simply don’t care. We ourselves think that a small voice is irrelevant. But the truth is that a small spark of fire is enough to light the whole forest.


I’m not asking to people to leave their business and start protesting on streets. But I guess most of us are well educated or experienced enough to differentiate the truth from the falsehoods. We need to analyze the facts. The sad truth is that most of the newspapers exist to sell themselves. We can’t afford to believe whatever we hear and see.

It’s our money, our hard earned money that’s being stolen or wasted because of our carelessness. It’s now or never.



“Give a man a mask; he’ll speak nothing but the truth”. Instead of hiding ourselves away, let us hide together in the crowds. Let’s be the change we wish to see in this nation. Let’s at least analyse before we vote. Let’s analyse the candidates, their past performances, their promises, their efficiency, and their pragmatism before giving out our votes. It’s the least we can do for our nation and let’s at least do that.

Jai Hind!

Written by: K.Pavithra, Second Year, Electronics and Instrumentation.

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