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“Never miss out on something that you really like. No matter what it is, definitely try. That might end up changing your life at one point. That’s it.” says Nithyanandhan, Head of The MYT Black Crew, Final Year, Department of Automobile Engineering, in an interview with The MIT Quill.

Could you tell us something about yourself, senior?
I am Nithyanandhan from Automobile department. Currently in my final year and I’m a hosteler.

When you joined The MYT Black Crew, how many members were there and how many members are there in the club now?
I joined the team when I was in my second year. At that time there were only 7 people, 5 final years and 2 Third years. Now we have a 12 member team. (2 final years, 6 Third years and 4 Second years)

So how do students join the team? Do you hold any auditions?
No. We don’t keep auditions. We will give the interested students some practice for one week and then we filter from that.

Why is the team named as MYT black crew? Any specific reason?
I’m not sure. It’s been there for a long time. In fact it was called MIT black crew then it got changed to MYT. That is MY Team Black Crew.


What styles and techniques do you focus on during training?

We give training in all styles. Whoever picks up those styles quickly in the team will be added for that style of choreography. Our team however, mainly focuses on locking and breaking styles.

Do you have any professional dance help from a choreographer?
Yes. Ragavan Pugazh trains us. He is having his own studio. He choreographs routines for colleges and corporate companies as well. We sometimes train in his studio if we are free.

Do you have any concepts of having a leader in the crew?
All members are equal in the team. Usually the Final years lead, but that’s about it. We don’t assign posts which is another reason why we are strong.

We have all seen the members of Black crew sweeping off all the prizes in any dance related events in Sivaranjani and Mitafest. What sets you apart from the other dancers?
That’s not entirely true. Other participants have also won prizes. We practice every day and that’s probably what makes the difference.


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Being in a dance team can be quite taxing, especially with lots of training sessions. What do the members get from this?
They join because they love dancing. In terms of benefits, there’s physical fitness first. Then it also helps them overcome stage fear. Organization skills, leadership skills are also improved.

Alright coming back to you, do you think your popularity in the campus increased once you joined Black Crew?
I’ll just say that all members of Black Crew are very popular inside the campus.

That’s a very diplomatic statement. According to you, who is the most popular member of the crew?
Sachin and Pragatheesh.
It is true. Do you accept that..?

Yeah, that was expected… So next, is there any proud moment that you’d like to share?

For the team, when we won 2nd prize in KMC, we were all very very happy.Personally, Winning Duo in Sivaranjani during my 3rd year with Ela was a very happy moment. Ela, that is, Elavarasan is always my partner. He is from CT Department.

Can you tell us about any performance that left you impressed?

This year, for Sivaranjani, in Duo, two second year girls’ dance performance was superb. They didn’t use too many styles, it was just freestyle but their sync was amazing. For a good Duo pair, sync is most important.

Last question, anything you want to say to the people who will read this interview?

Never miss something that you really like. No matter what it is, definitely try. That might end up changing your life at one point. That’s it.

Interviewed by Asmath, third year, Electronics and Communications Engineering.

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