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“On the whole, we strive towards the development of the personality of students in all aspects which will help them discover themselves.”  says Ramya Sekar, Chairperson of Personality Development Association, Final Year ECE, in an interview with The MIT Quill.


1. PDA is a long standing club in MIT and its roots are dated back so long, can you tell us how it was started? A little bit of history perhaps…

Personality Development Association was started in 1984, by the efforts of our college alumni Shri K.V.Narayanan and right from the beginning, it has constantly thrived for the upliftment of the overall personality of MITians, growing into the indispensable organisation in the college that it is today.

2. Can you tell us about PDA’s motive?
Everyone is unique and gifted with hidden potentials. Our association’s goal is to bring out those talents and develop them into assets for the students. By conducting events and activities, we give an opportunity to explore themselves.



3. PDA has been doing a slew of activities throughout the semester. Can you brief us on the list of activities that the PDA promotes or conducts? (Like the aptitude tests, weekly sessions and, well, we would like to know everything!)
We firmly believe that practice makes a man perfect and we inspire the students to aspire for greatness. And we hope that these weekly sessions prove to be the best platform for it.
We conduct weekly sessions which include aptitude, communication, civil service, placement training on consecutive days of the week. The students can attend any of the sessions depending upon their areas of interest. The students who attend the sessions regularly are identified and rewarded during Persofest.


4. How and why did you start the initiative to guide the students through placements? Please do tell us some success stories if you can.

The time when most of the students have to showcase their personality is during the placements. So, we started the initiative to guide them through sessions for the placements. Each session focuses on different aspects of personality development.
For instance, the common problem for many students is lack of communication skills. So, we have communication sessions to help them boost their self-confidence. All these sessions are spearheaded to enhance the skill set that are of utmost importance during placements.



5. You guys have also been helping students out with the civil services exams. Can we have more on that please?
Not everyone is interested in placements. Many are trying to crack the civil service examinations. We came to know that most of our students are aiming for UPSC exams and took up coaching through centres outside. So, we thought why not do that inside our campus and hence this initiative. The response was uplifting. Civil service class is also taken by final year students two days per week.

6. PDA conducts many events and competitions that has a large turn up every year. Can you tell us more on that and how do you manage the whole process?
The major event of PDA is Persofest, an annual fest that celebrates the hidden talents of the students of MIT. It is a complete package with Sketchathon for the Artists, Frozen Moments for the Photographers, B-Plan for the Entrepreneurs, Campaigning for the Activists, Literary and Oratory Events and last but not the least The Title Event Mr. & Ms. Persofest These events are planned to test their skills in various levels that aggregated to evaluate their whole personality.
Each team member was given an event that has to be handled by them till the end. Thus, we managed the whole process with the help of our team.



7. You seem to be having a well coordinated team. So can you tell us how is this team framed?
Our core team comprises of 13 members headed by a chairperson. The team members are recruited based on their performance in an interview conducted by the final years. Their involvement and their prioritisation of PDA is also taken into account. Now our team guides and coordinates nearly 100 volunteers.

8. PDA has its own magazine! Tell us more on that please!
Yeah!!PDA has two magazines. One which is released during the inauguration of PDA in the odd semester. And the other which is released during the PERSOFEST in the even semester. We accept all the contributions of students in the form of stories, poems, paintings, photographs even from first years. They can send in their works to our email-id and a team works on bringing it out vibrantly.
For this academic year, we have released the magazine named “ARTISTRY” that features the works and articles done by our students even from the first years.

9. But are the first years allowed to join the club?
First years are allowed to join the club only in their second semester. But, they are allowed to utilize the PDA-BOOK BANK which allows the students to borrow books from our PDA library from the first semester itself. The PDA runs two libraries, one in the Main Hostel and the other in Marutham Hostel which gives students access to nearly 4000 books .The PDA Book Bank Scheme provides 1st semester subject books to needy First year students.

10. How have you managed to keep getting bigger and greater as the years went by? That must have been a tedious job!
Year after year we think about how to take things to the next level. And it was made possible only with the help and support of our team members and the guidance from our seniors.



11. PDA seems to being doing a great deal of stuff! It seems to be having something to offer for everyone! But can you tell us what the club as a whole concentrates on?
We are always there to help if you want to improve yourself. On the whole, we strive towards the development of the personality of students in all aspects which will help them discover themselves. This our motto.

12. How does the future look like to the PDA? How are you planning on helping the students develop their personalities in the future as well?
We have planned to conduct mock interviews for the present pre-final years. In the future, PDA would evolve into an organisation that caters to all the needs of the students which would make him/her a better person. This forum would bring in clarity and confidence to face any situation in one’s life by boosting enthusiasm and evoking positive thoughts.


Interviewed by Akshaya Ramani, third year, Electronics and Instrumentation and Tirumalasri.V, second year, Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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