The Bogus Bike Review – Pulsar RS200

I’m going to start off this review by thanking the noble, brave (and only) soul who lent me his bike for the review, S.T.Thamaraiselvan.


A small flashback.. 


Those were the stone ages (sic!). You want a 150cc bike? Buy pulsar! You want a sports tourer? Buy pulsar! You want a superbike? Buy pulsar! Adrenaline junkies had no choice but to bite the bullet with any 150 to 180cc bikes with a measly 15 hp or so power output.


Enter 2010 and …BOOM! Harleys and Ninjas kick-started the superbike revolution, which grew steadily with the influx of cutting edge superbikes (read Ducati, Triumph, KTM and so on..).


Its 2017 and now everybody wants a superbike. 200 cc has become the entry point for super biking and is a hotly contested segment.


Bajaj unveiled the Pulsar RS200 dubbed, “Racing sports” on March 2015, and since then it has been a consistent seller. So without further ado, let’s say hello to the monster! 


The looks of it..


“It’s a bull…! It’s a shark….! It’s the RS200!!”


If looks could kill, this one could surely kill my mom. It has got the muscular tank, the chic fairing, the LED strips and all which you would want from your everyday superbike.


Image result for RS200 bike

The eagle shaped headlights with the LED eyebrows look pretty sharp. The side profile is clearly the bike’s best profile, with plenty of muscle and cuts. The only eyesore is the rear LEDs. Seriously, the shape is cool, but who let the kids draw the red strips? Man, it just sticks up to your eye.


The 2017 BS4 edition also comes with the cool blue white livery (taken straight off the Yamaha R1) and contrasting wheel rims.The ads always boast of a perimeter frame, which is a very advanced frame type that really boosts the cornering abilities of the bike. And it is only available in the Pulsar series in India!

The growl of it.. 


“This bike’s bitchin….”


This bike literally growls! Really, though it is a single cylinder engine, the exhaust note is a pretty meaty one which you would not find in the so called other 200cc superbikes.


And now, for its heart it has got a triple spark engine with a power of 24.16 bhp. What’s exciting is not the power, but the way it delivers it. The bike pulls off clearly from the first gear and one just needs the third gear to propel this beast to 100kmph. So it makes for a great city ride.


Image result for RS200 bike


The one thing that could throw you off buying this bike is the vibrations (kidding, not literally!). But surely the bike can’t be called smooth. It really gets on your nerves during the low revs. While I like this ‘connection’ with the bike, some may feel its a pain!


The bike tips the scales at 165kg, but for all that mass, it handles quite well. The slim Jims will surely sweat it out at traffic jams but this one’s definitely way better than the humongous bullets!


I would really like to add a note on the Duke rivalry thing going on with the bike owners. Not joking guys, really my friend goes all Valentino Rossi and guns the throttle when he sees any fellow duke driver on the roads and I’m the one sitting behind. Poor me!


The cost of it..


“How much money do you have to own this bike?


Me: Not enough!”


1.5 LAKHS! That’s what you have to pay to own this bull on-road. (actually 1.3L for non-ABS, but ABS is important because this bull is tough to control ).


For those who wonder what this big deal about ABS is, it serves the same purpose of a rubber boot on a rainy day. It prevents your wheels from skidding during braking in wet conditions. Safety first!


The running and service costs are quite manageable for a bike of this category, thanks to the home-grown Bajaj who has a pretty strong service centre network over the country. Mind you! All the spares are not easily available, like the Discovers and Platinas, but hey! It’s a superbike , give it some respect!


Summing it up..


The Pulsar series has always been close to Indian youth’s hearts. When it was raining splendours, they were the first ones to introduce their fast machines and the rage caught on. It’s about 17 years since the inception of the first pulsar and competition has surely caught up.



Image result for RS200 bike

Though its domination has reduced, the RS 200 proves that pulsars are always the best bangs for buck! Neither a sharp track tool like the Duke nor a sound tourer, it still brings out the best possible combination of the two worlds- racing and commuting….! And that’s why we LOVE it!!


Reviewed by Arjun R U, third year Automobile Engineering 

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