Mitafest Vs Girls

By Nikhil Kanakamedala

What is it with Mitafest and girls? Why is it that at this time of the year we mock, criticize girls and derive our pleasure from it? Why is it that we don’t allow the female compères to talk? Why is it that we constantly boo at them? Why don’t we respect our fellow friends’ performances? What kind of fun is this?

It happened a few days back, it happened last year and the year before that and it might probably happen the next year also. These kinds of activities are cheap and irritating.

Would you like to know something? This MITAFEST, the girls have outdone the boys in most competitions. In spite of the continuous criticism and mockery, they have put up their best show in the spirit of the competition and the joy they derive from performing bravely in front of a huge crowd is the true kind. Be it in vocals, duet, choreo they have performed better than the boys.

I can give you an example. Take the Duet competition that was held on the first day of Mitafest. For one thing, the number of performances by girls was more in number and they were also better. In fact, a lot better! Check out the two videos, one of girls and one of the boys.



So, where was our self conscious when we criticized them? Let us stop this ridiculous activity! Imagine your sister or your mother in that position. What would she think of you?
We belong to a great nation, India. Let us have control over what we do.

I appeal to all the gentlemen to think before they act.


Nikhil is an Instrumentation undergrad who is very much passionate in Engineering. Cricket followed by Pani puri is his favourite pass time. He is an avid reader and a small time writer.

2 thoughts on “Mitafest Vs Girls

  • Though I respect the very cause of this post, I’d like to take a different perspective on this. Though I have been on your (the writer) side of things during my term at MIT, at the way I look at these stuff, such as mocking at girls etc. I have also had friends on the other side, the people who woo etc. and also do have friends who’re girls who have been on the side of taking woos. Though this article has been put out there for a good cause, I don’t agree with the fact that guys woo/mock only at girls, in face even in the above video, there was a lot of comments being passed when the guys’ dance was really bad (I’ve also girls to pass comments).

    Passing comments, wooing at everyone who one feels like wooing (be it bad performers, english speakers, girls or even teachers), is all a part of the fun a student has in college. Some of us might not understand what fun is derived from such underrated actions, however, that we never know because we have never been there, done that! It’s not that they are bad, it’s just that they have a different way of enjoying things, they have a different perspective, they’re not bad, they’re just different.

    In fact – just as an analysis, consider why don’t these people woo guys a lot? Simple – it’s coz guys give a damn, or just woo back! Why don’t girls do that? Why not just get back at them? Why complain, when you consider both the sexes to be equal, why is mere act that make you feel uncomfortable also make you feel low? How would you react if you were being wooed by a gang of girls? Why not respond to the guys the same way? Why complain when it’s they guys passing comments? Here is an opportunity to show off how bold you are, here is an opportunity to prove yourself to be no lesser than the guy sitting in the crowd passing comments, here is an opportunity to mock back at him saying – you’re on stage to show off your talent, what does the guy hiding somewhere in the crowd got, to compete with you? Girls, just understand that these guys have nothing against you, it’s just their way of deriving enjoyment, and if you feel abused, feel free to express it, you have the freedom!

    A mere grumbling about such events or inciting people like my good friend Nikhil, to post such articles will be of no help, unless you decide to face what you dislike, and show your strength in your defence.

    Again, I’m not encouraging any unacceptable behavior, of course everything do come with limits, but silly acts such as commenting or wooing should not be something that will burn down your self esteem!

    • Dear Mr. Alumnus and former member of the MITAFEST core team,

      I’m glad that you respect the cause of this post.
      It is not different. It is bad. Wooing/Mocking at a bad or shaky performance is different. It allows the performer to gain strength and come back better next time. Wooing/Mocking at a good performance is bad. Not different but bad because it depresses the performer because he/she might have prepared well (be it ENGLISH compering) but unable to show it. It is bad because good performances or rather girl performances are being targeted.

      Guys don’t give a damn at wooing? Let me tell you they have never been wooed as much as the girls. Not even 10 percent. So we cannot talk about something that hasn’t happened. Deriving fun by hurting others’ feelings is not fun. Like you said, it is an underrated action and one should not encourage it. Girls do mock at bad (guys’) performances. Just not at every (guys’) performances. “Why don’t girls do that? Why not just get back at them?…..”
      Perhaps they are more civilized.

      This post does not to incite anything or anyone. Like you said, the freedom is there and this is a way to express it, isn’t it?
      Again I’m glad that you do not encourage such silly acts. 🙂

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