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“We never do recruitments! People just come and look at the celebrations, get inspired, and join spontaneously.” gushes Soundarya , Final Year ECE, Vice-President of Rotaract Club of MIT, in an interview with The MIT Quill


The Rotary club is renowned for its humanitarian services at a global level. The Rotaract club of MIT, being one of its affiliated clubs, seems to provide similar services. Can you tell us how it is different from the former?

The Rotaract club encourages men and women between the age groups 18-30 to involve themselves in community services. That is how it differs from the Rotary club, but the basic principle remains the same- ‘SERVICE ABOVE SELF’. The primary focus of our college’s Rotaract club is to cater to the needs of God-gifted children and orphans. We firmly believe that our students have a lot to gain through service, because, it is only when you’re out there, interacting with people, listening to their stories, that you realize that you have a part to play in the society. This will make a person grounded and will add a lot to their personality.



Can you tell us in detail about your service to orphanages?

The orphanages in and around our college usually approach us. They give us a rough estimate of the number of children and their requirements. Then we make sure that their needs are fulfilled. We give out clothes and stationary items that are usually asked for. We very recently distributed notebooks to around 90 children from a nearby orphanage.  But, you’ll be surprised to know that sometimes their requirement is as basic as a toothpaste and brush.


This seems to involve tedious planning and a lot of manpower. Isn’t that hard sometimes?

Yeah, it does require a lot of planning and manpower, but we never fall short of volunteers. But, honestly, I feel that this is nothing when compared to the planning that goes underway for Rotofest and Sparish.




Tell us more about Rotofest and Sparish…..

Rotofest is especially dedicated to God-gifted children and is held in the odd semester every year. A bunch of events such as drawing competitions, clay modelling, paper-crafting is held throughout the day. Indoor games like chess and carom are also conducted. The day comes to an end with the kids showcasing their talents through cultural events like singing, dancing and fancy-dress competitions. We tune the rules of the events according to the children’s needs.

The same sort of events is held during Sparish but the difference is that Sparish is meant for children from orphanages. It’s held every year during the even semester.


You said that you never fall short of volunteers. How do you manage to recruit such a large number?

You might be shocked to know that there is no such recruitment process for the volunteers. We never filter people out. Anyone and everyone who is interested is welcome to be a volunteer. But overall, most of the volunteers are generally from  second year.

Let me tell you something fascinating that happens during Rotofest and Sparish. A lot of people who just come by to have a look at the celebrations get inspired and spontaneously join our group of volunteers. So, we get a lot of help from a wide range of people.

We do have a group of event co-ordinators, selected by the members of the core team, who guide the volunteers.




The club seems to be focusing on orphans and God-gifted children. Is there anything else that the club actively participates in?

Well, yes! During the last New Year, we distributed food packets to the needy in the railway stations all the way from Chromepet to Chetpet . More than 50 people benefited from this. We also conducted a stress buster session with the support of our regional parent club, in addition to  career guidance programs and placement talks that are conducted from time to time. We are planning to do more this year.


You guys seem to be doing a lot! How do you manage to raise funds for all this?

We don’t face any difficulties in raising funds. We bankroll from the subscription amount that every student pays when they join our college. So, every one of us MIT-ians are contributing directly or indirectly to the activities of the Rotaract club. The entire college is involved in this good cause.



One last question before we wrap up the interview. We’ve heard that this year is a special one for The Rotaract club of MIT. Can you tell the readers what it’s about?

Yes! We are proudly stepping into 25 years of continued service so, yes, this year is indeed very special. We hope to keep doing what we’ve been doing all these years and touch as many lives as possible.


Interviewed by Akshaya Ramani, third year, Electronics and Instrumentation, Tirumalasri.V, second year, Electronics and Communication Engineering, G.Madhav, second year Aerospace Engineering.


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