The Writer’s Block

The greatest malady a writer can ever suffer from, is not any epidemic but a Writer’s Block – A phase when nothing can be put into words, a time when you start with something new every hour but are incapable of completing, as the words just trail off…. I, no better than any Jack, who doesn’t boast of being a writer, was until yesterday suffering from a very serious case of this ‘so-called illness’.


I was busy working on ‘The strangers I meet every day’ when suddenly the cord connecting my writing cells just snapped, I was unable to think of anything, not even the most basic of words. My creative juices stopped flowing, my thoughts surged in an illogical manner affecting my speech drastically…. I forgot my language!


For instance on Friday we had this speech; despite being an introvert I love giving speeches and conducting seminars not on a competitive level though, so I basically never prepare for them trusting my ad-lobbing skills. But that particular day was a disaster, for I fumbled around with words mumbling and mumbling presenting myself and my English in a very bad light thereby scoring a life-time low of eight over ten in a subject that I’m passionate about besides French. In addition to this I also pollute my language with my native language an aspect of which I’m not particularly proud of.


The comical facet of my woe is the measures I take to overcome it. I can assure you that if my ‘measures’ were ever made into a movie it will be a laugh-riot and definitely bring the roof down with laughter, for the sole reason that I try out eccentric stuff. I had once read somewhere that eating a paste of dried leaves will help one overcome the problem. So I spent an entire day under the neem tree with a bed sheet to collect all the dried leaves that fell off the tree, ground it and ate it.  That sure was the most awful victual I had ever tasted, unfortunately it didn’t work.

The next one was something that I had come across on Facebook, it said something about ‘lib-scrubbing’ being the key to problems such as this. Despite it sounding ridiculous I tried it and several others, where one nearly had me killed! I was highly disappointed for I had shot my bolt and yet, nothing. That was when I attained enlightenment and arrived at the solution to this long-standing problem of mine.



The way out was to forget myself and focus on activities that didn’t fascinate me such as watching soaps with my mother, listening to songs every second of the day and a plethora of other boring things which had never earned my good opinion. I followed it sincerely and it worked, for here I am, writing this impeccable account of what happens when one suffers from the ‘Writer’s Block’!

Written by: Nisha Deborah Philips, first year, Computer Technology.

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