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In the next installment of Know Your Clubs , we have the chairman of Film Association of MIT (FAMIT) – Hariharan, talking to us about the past, present and the future of the club. 



When was FAMIT started and who was responsible for it?

4 Years ago, FAMIT was started by the efforts of our senior, Mr.Gopi. But only last year, it was announced officially as an organisation.


What was the motto of FAMIT when it was started?

To support the students, who are interested in film making. We are also teaching them how to make short films and offer our suggestions. We are also conducting weekly sessions for interested volunteers.


What are your views on the current progress of FAMIT?

It is better, compared to last year. We have made some plans to promote our organisation and conduct various activities. We have planned to organize the cultural events. We also have planned to encourage our photographers to take photographs during the cultural and technical events of all the departments. We did the promotional video for the odd semester intracultural event, the Sivaranjani-17. We didn’t do such promo videos till last year.



Are any of our alumni from FAMIT working in the field of filming or any other media?

Our senior Vijaykumar, is working behind Masala Mafia, a popular youtube channel right now. If the students get the chance they deserve, I believe they will prove their talents. Many of the MITians have that potential.


Have any of the short film directors won any awards?

Yes. For the film 555, a film related to Chennai floods, we got the first prize. The film received the award during the short film event at MITAFEST-16.


What is your advice as the Chairperson, to the FAMIT juniors?

Implement innovative ideas in your films. That’s my advice for them.


Interviewed by Thiruvikraman , second year Automobile Engineering. 

Poster designed by Vijey Mohanraj , third Production Engineering. 

Photographed by Dhanvanth Raman , third Automobile Engineering. 


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