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“Why would one criticize when something good is happening?” asks Baskar Monika, The Student Seceretary of TBO who talked to The MIT Quill about The Box Office, commonly called TBO.

When was TBO started?
Actually it was started in 2015 by pre-final years with the help of our very talented Jayanth Sir. It’s been nearly 4 years now and we have tried our best to bring out the talents and showcase it at every occasion possible . And I think we are doing it. We’ll continue to do so.

Okay… So what is TBO and what is the motive of TBO?
TBO is a multilingual dramatics club. Last year, we conducted workshops on various forms of art ranging from acting to Koothupattarai. Actually it’s been a taboo that the first years should only participate but not conduct the competitions itself. But we broke the taboo last year. We, first years , conducted an event in our first semester within the span of a week. And I think that’s something we can be proud of.




What are the common events that you conduct?
We conduct ‘D for Debate’ – a debate event, ‘Scrambled eggs‘ – puzzle event and ‘Hades‘ – creating stories from hints.

You have conducted so many events so far. Did you receive a good response?
In our college, the response is pretty weak. We tried our best to promote it everywhere with banners, posters and flyers. But, recently, we had ‘Talk your way to Japan’ which was sponsored by Hiroshi, a Japanese company. We got immense response for that. Almost 30 – 35 first years participated. There were two qualifier rounds – JAM and Block&Tackle and we selected two first
years. It was great!

Fine… Any one of the funny moments?
(Mimicking) Any one of the funny moments… National Unity Week is very special for me. It was the very first time when I came to know what organising was and what my responsibility was. I got to know everything. Actually on the last day after the valediction, we sat and had fun, like we played
songs… Anthaakshari! It was really fun.

What is the best thing about TBO that you can’t find in any other clubs?
There is no senior or junior in the club. You are who you are and you can show what you are. You need not adjust to anyone. You can just show yourself. Whatever you think, you can express it. No one will be like “No. Don’t do that. Don’t do this.” Really, I feel that, I can’t find it anywhere else. Only in TBO, I wanted to be a part of it. I will continue to be a part of it, until my four years get over.



What are the future plans and ideas that you are having?
This semester, for the first time, we conducted an inaugural function on September 14 because we wanted the first years to know what TBO was. It was really an overwhelming experience. Then the future ventures are… we are trying to have an ice breaking session for the first years and weekly events to keep them active. Then, may be an inter-college event.

Any other idea that can get TBO to some places?
May be the short films… See, our TBO people went to VIT for a street play. It was pretty good. The content of the play was prepared by ourselves. It was an amazing experience. The contents had
things that went unnoticed. We thought the things that went unnoticed after Jallikattu protest and thought it should be brought to the people’s notice. So we prepared a street play on that – on demonetisation,corruption, molestation, drugs-addiction, human trafficking and LGBT.




Those are really good topics!
Yes! If you had attended the inaugural function, you could have watched it. We replayed it here.

What are the criticisms that TBO faced?
I don’t know. Because I haven’t received anything. Why would people criticize when there’s something good happening? Apart from academics, co-curricular activities are really important. Our college is really helpful. Many clubs are coming now to showcase the writers! Like you! (Laughs). But no one comes forward for dramatics. I think we did that. So criticism… I don’t think we received anything.

What is the one thing that you would tell the people who are willing to join TBO or in a dilemma about joining it?
What I would say is: If you wanna come, please come. You can find who you are. You will really get to know the talents you have. And you will get a very big exposure. So I think that’s good enough

By Gowri Ramshankar, Second Year,Electronics and Instrumentation, Kishore, Second Year Electronics and Communication and Swathi Mohan, Third Year Aeronauical Engineering.

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