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This is the third installment in the series Know Your Clubs , an initiative to  bring various clubs to the spotlight, explaining their core principles, purpose and vision. 


“With more coordination and hard work, we have enough talent to go places” says Srivats Mohan, the chairman of the college band VIBEZ. Here is an interview of him, with The MIT Quill, where he talks about music, melodies and the band. 


Hi Senior! Its a pleasure to have you with us.
Hi! The pleasure is mine.


Can you tell me When was Vibez started and by whom?
Err..(laughs)  I don’t know when Vibez was started or by whom. But all I know is that I am a part of it.


Hey! That was a nice dodge! Anyways what inspired to join Vibez? Do you think the same applies to everyone in the band?
I can’t speak for everyone. In my case, I heard about the college band from a friend of mine and was immediately interested. I attended the auditions where I sang ‘ Pattum Naane’ from the movie Thiruvilayadal. Later I was asked to practice a few other songs and the next thing I knew I was on the stage performing for Sivaranjani. I guess that was that.


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How many members are there in the band currently?
There are about 20 members now. We’re still in the process of recruiting and also on the process of firing people (grins cheekily).


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Describe the band in 3 words.
Hmm…Workaholic but paradoxical.


How often do you have jamming sessions?
We plan between ourselves to have 3 or 4 sessions in a week. But it boils down to about 3 or 4 in a month, that’s unfortunate, I know. If we have competitions coming up, we practice every day for a month and a half, sometimes it extends till late in the night. Once after a practice session for Mitafest, I remember reaching home at about 2 in the night.


That’s some level of dedication! Talking about audience response, can you compare MIT’s with other colleges?
Okay can I be honest here? (After vehemently insisting him to be honest) It saddens me to say that we once got boos for one of the greatest songs. Our audience is great, there is no denying that. However, their music listening sensibility must be improved. It will make them even greater.


Your best audience will be?
For me the best audience will be them who can experience what we musicians are trying to deliver.


Please share your most memorable experience with us as a band.
We once participated in a competition in MNM Jain College, where we won the 3rd prize. I was also the winner of the solo singing competition and one of my closest friends won the solo instrumental drums. That was a complete day for me.


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What does music as a whole mean to you? Personally first and then as a member of a band.
For me personally, music is the next greatest thing to silence. In a band, it is synergy. That one word will do.


What is the most negative and the most positive criticism that you’ve received?
I consider audience response as the ultimate form of criticism. The most positive one was when we performed the Ilayaraja medley in an intercollege competition and received standing ovation for about 3 minutes. The most negative one was when the audience booed the entire music troop as we began ‘Nee Paartha Parvai’ from Hey Ram. I already mentioned that I think.


Where do you see Vibez in the next five years?
Well.. In the Mechanical department with better facilities? (laughs) Yes, more and more qualified musicians are coming in and with coordinated leadership; I can see us going places, on level with colleges like MCC.


Any word to the juniors? Anything that you want to say to the ones that will be taking after you?
I would tell them to listen to all sorts of music and not restrict themselves to a particular genre. Experience it, so that you can understand its sensibilities.


Interviewed by Gowri Ramshankar, second year Instrumentation , Kishore, second year ECE, and Swathi Mohan, third year Aeronautical Engineering. 


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