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In the first Installment of this series, we bring to you a glimpse of the workings of QCMIT, provided by the Chairman Ramalingam Siva, Final Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering.



How would you introduce QCMIT to a fresher who doesn’t know a thing about MIT?
Quiz club of MIT is not a club of nerds as what one would normally think when they hear the word quiz. This club doesn’t want its participants to have any prerequisites. Even if you don’t know a thing about quiz, we can make you crazy over it if you attend our sessions. Here, we provide opportunity to learn about stuff going on around the world, not with boring lectures but with fun filled sessions.


In an engineering college, how is a quiz club going to help the students?

I was expecting this question.

There is a common misconception that quizzes don’t help college students because it is just a GK competition. This is entirely wrong.

In QCMIT, we structure the questions in such a way that you will definitely have a little knowledge of what we are talking about but still you have to think out-of-the-box to get the answer.

This out-of-the-box thinking which has become a scarcity in today’s mark and rank oriented world is what we intend to give to our members.

So, Yes, Quiz club definitely helps our students.



Normally what are your activities during a semester or what have you done this semester?
How do you go about organizing the weekly quiz ?

In every semester, we conduct weekly sessions as well as the quizzes held in the symposiums of all the departments and various organizations. In this semester to be particular, we have conducted the quiz events of Mach ’17, Sivaranjani ’17, Dr.Abdul Kalam’s memorial day quiz, Apocalypse ’17 and general weekly sessions.
In the weekly sessions, we conduct quizzes on different themes every week, like Tamil cinema, Sports, Hollywood, Sci-Tech or sometimes General quiz. Normally, the prelims will have 15 to 20 simple questions. The finals will have 5 or 6 rounds like Infy Pounce/Bounce, Visual Connects, Differentials, Lists, Audio Video round, etc.


What can be done to increase the student participation in quizzes, which, according to me, is decreasing?

I agree to the fact that QCMIT has only a handful of members but still it doesn’t mean our count is decreasing. There are some students from every year who constantly participate in all our sessions. As long as they are still here, our club will stand strong.

Anyways, to answer your question, we are promoting our sessions and symposium quiz events through social media and through notices. We are providing diverse themes in various sessions. Thus, even if someone is not in interested in one theme they can attend the session with some other theme. In the next semester, we are planning to conduct exclusive sessions for 1st years so that right from the start they will have interest in quizzes.


Do you have any inter-college events ? Tell us about it…

Blitzkrieg is the inter college quiz fest conducted by QCMIT. The first edition of Blitzkrieg was held in March 2016 under the successful organizing of our then Chairperson, Ashik senior. Dewan to the Prince of Arcot, Nawabzada Mohammed Asif Ali was the Quiz master in Blitzkrieg ’16. The 2nd edition was held in March 2017 under the leadership of Sangeeth senior. Over 40 teams from various colleges participated in the event and it was a great success. We are planning to do Blitzkrieg ’18 even better and bigger.


What are all the events that you have planned for the next semester?

As I said, Blitzkrieg ’18 is what we are eagerly looking forward. Apart from it, we’ll be conducting the quizzes in all the inter college symposiums. We are planning to do year-exclusive sessions so as to attract more people from a particular year. We also conduct online quizzes.



How do you go about advertising your events ?

We make posters for every session and event and post in our Facebook page and circulate them in the WhatsApp groups of our members. We post questions in our Facebook page daily. We are planning to talk to every batch of every department individually so that our activities will reach all.


How do you see online quizzing? Don’t you feel people can just google and answer easily and there is no quizzing spirit?

Online quizzes are like finding a needle in haystack. We design the questions in such a way that even when you have the internet itself, you will find it very difficult to crack it. Only if you know something related to the question you can begin to search for the answer. So, the quizzing spirit exists definitely.

Normally any club in our college is not open to first years during the first semester, can you tell us when do you start recruiting first years in your club ?

First years can attend the sessions from the next semester onwards.There is no recruiting process. If you like quizzing, you are already in the club.


Imagine this is your last day of college. What will your word of advice be to the junior QCMIT committee members ?

Never stop conducting sessions. Encourage your juniors to take part in them. Keep on updating yourselves so that the quizzes you conduct never become outdated. Make the next year’s Blitzkrieg bigger and better than this year’s.


Interviewed by Arun Balaji and Anirudh Ramesh, second year Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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