Carte Blanche’14

By Sushmitha Suresh

“You are not a drop in ocean; you are an entire ocean in a drop”

Yes, Carte Blanche’14 was started as a drop and ended as an ocean of success. The most vivid society of Madras Institute of Technology, which has been of greatest support to the student body, is the Computer Society of MIT (CSMIT). CSMIT’s annual technical symposium is the Carte Blanche. When the planning part was started, the office bearers and the members of the society were clueless about the execution of such a huge task. At times the committee even blacked out not knowing what to do next. CB wasn’t a cake walk at all. One after another CSMIT started facing challenges before it could launch Carte Blanche. Arranging for sponsors was the toughest of all. But Infysec came as savior. And finally the most awaited day arrived. CSMIT successfully delivered the baby Carte Blanche’14. Entire college was decorated with banners and posters, hanger with red carpet to welcome the participants from various colleges without whom CB wouldn’t have achieved success, rooms in LHC allotted for various events, guys uniformly seen in CB T-shirt and girls beautifully dressed in sari, and finally came the feather in our cap, the FOSS demo with participants enthusiastically explaining their FOSS project to the visitors. The online and onsite events reached the pinnacle of success with participants not only across the city but also across the globe. There was a tremendous response for the workshops from various colleges. Over 1000 students came to MIT to showcase their talents in Carte Blanche. And most importantly, CB is the only inter college technical symposium that also appreciates the participation of school students. There was a very good response from schools across the city as well. All our endeavors were paid off. The hard work of everyone was recognized. The two day event finally came to an end with the joy filling the heart of every member of CSMIT who contributed to the success of CB’14. As mentioned above, CB’14 did stand as an ocean of success and brought immense laurels to CSMIT and MIT.

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