Dear Senior

This is me – you would’ve got!
Profanities were too much to sort
After running around the ground
Till my knees pulled me down.
Yes! I had stalked you!
I knew about your dates,
I had heard your debates,
Had complimented the spectacles on your face
And called you blind, after a phase.
Your friends treated me well.
Reciting the MIT oath
And doing the tasks I loathe,
I easily dragged myself through an hour.
As I made it out alive,
Now I’m ready to meet you.
So as you know, you had been cursed a lot.
But still you’re my senior
And I’ll be your proud junior.
May I pay you a visit tomorrow sixth hour?
For I know you are free then
And will spend  time with in LHC 305.
Yup! I did my stalking well!


Awaiting to reveal your name that I already knew.

The poet expressed their wish to remain anonymous.
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