Dear Freshman – Poem

Dear freshman

I didn’t know you until a few months back,
I haven’t seen you
Who are you ?
But I’ve heard your rants
And I’ve heard ’em chant
You compliment me face to face
But make me the devil behind my back.
You claim to have seen me often,
But from where ?
I’m afraid you’re stalking me
Just so that you can mock me –
So why don’t you do me a favor
Be a lamb and visit me sometime ,
As my inner demon wants you to.
But before you do
Get your profanities sorted
You’ll be needing them.
Ride the path of fear to the hostel
Enjoy the company of my fellow friends
Don’t get shocked if you find your friends there
Run around the ground a few times
– Just to satisfy myself
Coz no matter how old you are
I’m egotistic and your senior.
One year ago,
I was treated like a woman during the dark ages
Suppressed and not allowed to talk
One more crack with the whip
And I’d have burst.
And if you do make it out alive
Consider yourself lucky
Come and pay me a visit.

A senior.
As it’s your task to figure out my name
Don’t worry.
I’m not gonna give you a tough time

– The writer expressed their desire to remain anonymous.