Woebegone Heartbreak


The flawless hands were working so boldly
While the swimming sperms were racing to reach their destiny.
The blessed swimmer won a date with the demure egg proudly
And the happy pair danced blissfully to an ineffable harmony.

Rejoicing the winning moment, the biotic couple turned out to be a precious soul of two
Whose fetching hands searched and explored the living lockbox.
Finally the halcyon foetus slept with the lullaby of divine hue
Feeling secured and modest as her mother’s heartbeat hummed behind the locks.

Hesitant she was to sight the stour piazza.
So the creator cast the charming visage of an angel.
He named the divine lady “Mother” who would give her a love bonanza
And pinky promised,  that her life would be a fairy fable.

A twist of felicity appeared in the corner of her wee lips.
That’s when a gloomy voice echoed
Evocating a portrait of death that gave her bliss some whips
And the tiny heart broke even before it bellowed.


Written by: Jayasri, First year.