My Grandmother


The thoughts that come to one’s mind on thinking of grandmothers’ are weak, overly-dependent, deaf, bed-ridden, eccentric and all that but one look at my grandmother (a revolutionist) would make even the staunchest believer of all that stuff change his/her mind for my grandmother defies all the norms stereotyped  to be that of a grandmother’s!


She is the sole reason for our family to function peacefully, if she had not been there to evade all our fights and put a full stop to all our grumblings, backbiting and gossiping I really don’t know what our fate would have been…All of us including myself are overly dependent on her. She was the one who raised me, taught me my lessons in school (and is still doing the same), cooked tasty meals for my tummy, nursed me back to health when I was sick, inculcated the habit of reading (which I guess she regrets for I don’t read books I gulp them down and my mother detest the idea of me reading books!!), ran the house for my mother when she fell ill, brought up my cousin, pampered and petted me, told me quite a lot of tales, supported me in the ‘cattish’ fights I have with my mother, been my fashion designer, hair-dresser, …..among several others which would take me pages to write and digress from the topic in hand.



So as I was discussing, all this has forced us to rely on her and expect her to spoon-feed us as to what ought to be done in the ‘Journey of life’ owing to her having faced such a lot of struggles, trials and tribulations in her life which tried to pull her down but only augmented her growth to the pinnacle of glory! Despite having a lot of advantages it sure is disadvantageous to my 72 year old grandmother who is expected to do the same as what she did in the prime of her life. It is really dreadful, for people still rely on her and she is compelled to slog and sweat around the house for which she is not properly rewarded (at times)…So I guess it is better to age gracefully rather than being stuck in the same era like my beloved grandmother.


Written by:  Nisha Deborah Philips, Computer Technology, First year.