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By Mohan Kumar. U

It all started when my friend Yogesh and Arun said that they were going to do a project on safety systems. They designed a helmet of imagination that would work on the infrared principle. The helmet has an infrared transmitter. The signal is received by a receiver in the bike, integrated with the ignition system so that only when you wear a helmet you can start your bike!

That’s awesome, isn’t it! , But as an Indian, it’s my duty to think of the possible lapses. So here I go. What happens when I keep my helmet nearby me, instead of wearing it? Still my bike would start, so, where is my safety gone?

As some essence of biology knowledge was there at some corner of my mind, even though I am STUDYING engineering, somehow, EEG came to my mind. Electroencephalograph is used to monitor brain functioning similar to ECG for the heart. So, why don’t we place an EEG recorder in the helmet, so that only when we wear the helmet the brain waves are detected and only then it sends a signal and only then you could start your vehicle.

That’s brilliant!!!

But again, as an Indian I need more innovation.

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One fine day, I came to know that an MITian had already designed a helmet that incorporates EEG to sense a person’s mood. Bulbs on helmet go green if he is happy and red if he is sad. And it can’t read what girls think!?!? Now, before you lift your eyebrows with pride and excitement, let me say these two words. MIT, Boston!

Coming back to our work, we can use this technology to stop the bike whenever the biker is distressed or drunk or sleeping! Oh god, you can even install a load sensor so that the bike starts only when both the biker and the pillion wears helmet, may be a boy or a girl, I have kept no restriction on my innovation for this because I am an Automobile Engineering student of India.  Only we Auto guys can understand it!? We can only imagine.

Well, what next? With advancement of EEG technology, who knows, we may even control the bike just by our thoughts. I know this a boon for those who ride the bike rashly, wait a second, on computers!!! I expect some contradiction from you, Indians. I’m waiting.

At last I have altered someone’s work. Now, I am also an ENGINEER!!!

By your friendly neighbourhood Mokka Mohan.

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