The Whatsapp Status


Dazzling floor reflecting the scenario inside, transparent windows manifesting the situation outside, well varnished white walls embedded with expensive hangings, eyes being felicitated by the flickering ceramics on the protruding shelves, fragrance of the flowers captivated in elegant pottery, mild piece of music around and myself seated in the majestic and furnished hall. I went into the world of bewilderment forgetting the purpose of my presence there. Gob smacked!


A sudden reverberation in the room of tranquility took me out of the perplexing mood. There came in a tall and stout homo sapien with thick white eyebrows stitched on the flat rectangular forehead and eyes concealed in the pink and white plump face. In a formal black and white suit he came towards me. I stood erect as an act of reverence. I wondered what could have happened if the room was ventilated with table fans rather than air conditioners. That hair would resemble a fluffy silk of a corn. I held out my hand with my tongue uttering the words “Glad to meet you Mr. President”, respiring the air of United States. “Glad to meet you young lady” he replied.

He sat with his shoulders hunched and placed his inverted player positioned hand between his two giant legs. Relaxing on the comfortable piece of furniture I introduced myself. The fact that astonished me was the excitement that he expressed once I said “I am from MIT”. My uncle worked as a professor there”, he added. I was later clarified that MIT stands for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. There’s nothing to be astonished indeed!


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I pondered the cup of coffee offered to me. I couldn’t resist myself from questioning him when I had a sip of it. “Mr. President, here coffee seems to be weird”, I said. My ear drums vibrated in response to his laughter. “You crazy, it’s Coke. I stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and don’t even drink a cup of coffee. The impact of my brother, Fred”, he nodded. Though I know he doesn’t drinks coffee didn’t react much and I grinned “That’s great Sir”. But he could have offered me coffee. Above all I hate Coke!

“What do you think about the former President of States Mr.Obama?”, I questioned.

“Yeah, a very good guy. I met him for the first time in White house. Our meeting had to be for 10-15 minutes but it went on further for nearly 45 minutes. A responsible leader.” He stopped as I interrupted.

“Being the 45th President of United States you suffered an opposition from the folks as soon as you were elected. What do you feel about your eminence at present?”, I questioned. “US with massive unemployment the decision which I took couldn’t be understood by stupid people including you if you couldn’t. Speaking about eminence or fame, I am the proud President of States and could be the best President ever. I am a smart person. I am rich”, he gave a majestic reaction. I was keenly observing his mouth that I was senseless even after being almost mentioned as stupid. Anyone could succeed in measuring out the radius of the circular mouth he formed often. A person with zero percent humbleness. Disgusting!

I gathered up confidence to put forward the question “Women are souls to be respected. You have criticized women those you hate. Have you ever felt bad for it?” “No, not at all. Those women deserve such criticism. Why do I have to feel bad for it? They are certainly a prey for my words”. I interrupted to ask further, but he was quite reluctant so I skipped the question. Yet I understood why he ended up with two divorce cases. I took a deep breath and continued to clean up the annoyance filled environment.

“The Apprentice”, I paused. “Could you please deliver the signature dialogue right now”, I requested. With an intense face, folding his last three fingers he stretched his right hand pointing at me he said in a commanding voice “You’re fired”. I bent backwards unconscious soon after an immediate jerk with my tongue peeping out. Soon we both were in peals of laughter. I applauded in excitement. “Dedicated to all souls who are against me”, he added. Dramatic and Hilarious!

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“In case you were not left with money by your father do you think you would be wealthier now?”, I questioned. “Obviously, a business mind matters. I would have made it out. I have all the talents and potential to rule the universe. I am stunning, handsome and smart. So I would have made it out”, he said shrinking the lips as if he’s sucking juice with a straw. I just nodded. Yes, he must be some sort of ultimate power who could rule the universe but evidently unfit to be in White house, I thought. I had a crave for his magic mirror. I may look beautiful in it, I smirked. Sarcastic!

I had a lot of questions to be discussed with the honorable president of the helpless country. Neither did my soul wish to stay there nor did the coke remain. I had a last sip of coke in regret. I was too dejected that I hesitated to take a selfie with him. But I still did it as a piece of remembrance.

“Thank you sir. Had a nice time with you”, I smiled.

At the moment of leaving a stranger entered and “Mr. Donald John Trump” introduced me to him. With my mobile still in selfie mode I took another selfie with a stranger. Peeping through the car’s window, I recalled the incidents. Swiping on the screen of my mobile I updated my Whatsapp status with the photograph, the selfie picture. Earlier the caption confused me whether it has to be “Coffee with Trump” or “Coke with Grump”. At last I updated my Whatsapp status with the caption

“Selfie with an unexpected stranger (Mr.Barack Hussein Obama)”.

With heart full of satisfaction and delight, I boarded the flight. All is well!


Written by: Madhumitha A, Second year, Electronics and Communication Engineering.