What was her fault?

Never would have she expected a fatal night
En route to home, when she was
Shackled by four heartless men
Who were apathetic
About her pathetic screams.

Impotent, she was.
Hopeless, she became.
Soreness, she felt.
And, was left naked, bleeding and
Struggling for life.

The beeps from the monitor,
The smell of the medicines,
The pain in between her legs –
Shouldn’t be an experience for her age.

Her eyes opened to see her weeping mother,
Her broken father
And traumatised little brother.

But soon, her soul left
The beautiful yet painful body of hers.
She escaped from this filthy world
With her last words:
“Maa, I want to live.”
Meanwhile in prison,
The rapist gave out his statement:
“It was her fault.”

What was her fault?
Wearing a skirt?
Having a vagina?
Or going home from school?

Written by: Swathi Mohan, Third Year, Aeronautical Engineering.