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By S. Vandhana

Everyone in the world are bestowed with a friend! But how many of them get a best friend! Each one can interpret ‘best friend’ in many ways and I define a best friend as a true friend. But when I write this I am reminded of santhanam’s dialogue “Nanban la enna nalla nanban ketta nanban? Nanbannale nalavandhana”. Well, opinion differs.

Does making the adjective superlative (best) put up a constraint that there should be only one? Of course not. Some may contradict and as I already mentioned “opinion differs”. In my list of best friends, each one is different in their own way. I choose to talk about one of them now and I hope I find an opportunity to talk about others in another forum.

So, who is the chosen one? He is my classmate in my department (IT) .To start describing about him, he is a kind and generous person. He wishes happiness even for his enemies. He is supposed to be one of the good looking guys (:P). He does smart work rather than hard work. He is such a game freak. But do all these make him my bestie? Anyone who has tasted the friendship in their life would surely tell a ‘No’ for this.

So what is the story? It all happened in the second semester. We never liked each other and so we never talked unnecessarily. But now, I feel for it. We had wasted a semester. In third semester, everything went upside down. Our benches were side by side and we had to communicate for one thing or the other by which I realized I had a false image of him in my mind. Well, never judge a book by its cover! We soon became very good friends. He completely trusted me. We had a good bond between us. But the funny thing is we became friends to fight rather than just have casual talks.

We fight a lot. He bullies me often. He empties my pouch before I take anything. I still remember, we became project mates exactly five minutes before submitting a project. In return I prepared the project report. We scribble in the notebooks of each other. The best part is our exam preparations. We are lucky to have each other when we study together exactly few hours before the commencement of exam. If I teach him he scores more and when he teaches I score more and we finally end up enjoying others’ mark rather than our own. I missed one important thing! – When he becomes angry I am the luckiest and the privileged person to get the ‘angry hymns’ from him. He is a dictionary of hymns. No one can learn from him or tell it in a way he does. (:D)

Our best moment is his first birthday celebration, which is the real knot for our friendship.Our worst moment is the lull period after our great fight during our Industrial Visit. The sweetest thing of our friendship is that no one can play between us .The toughest part of our friendship is that no one can solve our fights (because they are endless).

Finally after reading this article he became little emotional and said “You made my day Vandhana. Semaya iruku. I will cherish this forever.” These lines are enough for me and I don’t worry much if this is published or not. I made my best friend once again happy and joyous.
So who is ‘he’?.

He is my dear friend Sandeep Vijay.


LYF #1 Vandhana and Sandeep

Vandhana is a person who is interested in writing casual articles, recording her experiences or her ideas that has wings in the virtual world. She feels that the best part in relishing past thoughts or becoming nostalgic is wonderful when reading an own piece of writing after a long time.

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