It’s art, amateurs!

When stalking is one of your hobbies, you notice most  people in your friend list to be either a photographer or a blogger or a short film maker. Why have people  gone insane over this suddenly? Are they exercising their right to express to the fullest? Most probably, because they stand out the crowd. They are easily recognizable. It’s their identity. They become an instant catch if they are entitled to any one of these. Humans long for fame and name. However, there are only a few people who do this passionately. The count is scarce. Its okay to try something new and adapt it as a hobby but it goes nowhere from there.



Let’s take a blogger for instance. They write something dumb, stupid or funny just because they have a notepad and a pen or an account in blogger or WordPress. And they have a blind bunch of friends who call them by absurd adjectives like ‘aspiring, avid, evolving’ and it’s followed by a ‘writer’. The irony is that some people who are called as writers do nothing but have ‘extension and exaggerations of their statuses into paragraphs and pages’ as their write-ups. Efforts are appreciated but trashes aren’t. And there is another group, that wants to write, tries nothing, never fails, but either slanders the people who write or surrenders to them to ‘teach’ them how to write. How stupid right? Slandering and surrendering shows their inability to make a shot.

Take a photographer. A person who owns a DSLR or an iPhone is branded a photographer. Many offering free services to their friends for social media courtesy and misleading them as models under the misconception of themselves being a photographer. When bored of clicking the same faces, they go for nature and call them as wildlife photographers with the thought of being levitated to a professional. The worst case scenario is the hash tags they use #so_and_so_shutters #so_and so_photography #so_and_so_click. I swear most don’t even know how to handle a camera properly and fully. Ask them about shutter speed, #shutters will stutter. When it comes to editing, even the people who have Retrica and YouCamPerfect brag about their skills. In short,there a only two groups, either who has a high end camera and lack editing skills or who have great editing apps and software and no high end camera.


Finally coming to the short film makers. In most cases, they are good at ‘story telling'(the stories that are inspired and not the ideas formed) and not in ‘story making’. An inexperienced script writer who can’t even make sentences without a mistake, a cinematographer who is not only new to film making but to the camera itself with a helm ( the director) who knows only to say ‘Start, Camera, Action’ and conceives himself as an ace director who makes magic and movies together on the screen makes the crew. Not to mention the cast, a group of friends in the name of familiar faces only with expectations to act but with no expressions. And if a movie made under this skillful set turns to be disastrous and disappointing, they turn the plate to comedy or romance.


No offence to a good blogger. You are gonna be a good writer(and not copies of Chetan Bhagat). No offence to passionate photographers. You are gonna see the world from a third eye and freeze time No offence to good short film makers. You are gonna be big and unusual.
The whole write up maybe disparaging the efforts of people who practice. Yes it’s okay to flop, misfire, confuse or fail. Yes failure is the stepping stone to success, but sitting like a stone in the same stage isn’t. Your firsts can be a fiasco, but you can’t lay in your firsts forever. Practice makes your passion perfect, not only a person. So kudos if you are trying and wishes if you are trying to try!


Written by Akshaya Ramani,Third year, Electronics and Instrumentation.