Understanding starts with (YO)U

This is the 21st century. Technology, food habits, lifestyle and even the attitude of people has seen many changes. Is change necessary ?

Yeah I’m being stupid to ask such silly questions but understanding is a stepwise process and complexity is nothing but an array of simple things never viewed from the right perspective. Now back to the point, nothing remains the same forever; without change man would still be barbaric. Change explains everything. What is now good might have once been bad and what is now evil might have had good roots at start. So these changes, what causes them? Some genius once told man is need-driven. Laws exists only for man’s convenience. When needs change so does their laws.

The ultimate truth is that man does everything to satisfy his needs. It may be his needs, his family’s, his country’s or (for very few) his world’s. He lives to only accomplish his needs. And a man’s list of needs is like an evergreen forest.The more the roots delve, the more the trees grow finally expanding, forming a canopy and secluding itself from the outer world.


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So what are the basic needs of man? Food, clothing, shelter right? Don’t get irritated for recollecting these primary teachings. After all, child is the father of man and only from the knowledge of the past can the future be constructed. So is this true? Did we do everything, we ever did only for these three things ?

The prompt answer is a No; a no with a capital ‘N’. We need luxury, we need to have unstoppable access to money, we need to fulfill what’s expected of us, we need to live decently in the society and yet many more such needs. These needs though right or wrong, justified or unjustified; come under the category of needs. In these needs, 90 % are for society and remaining 10 % for what we think is happiness.

In his pursuit of achieving his needs man encounters many hardships : competitions, failures, traitors, depression etc., yet he struggles to fulfill his needs.This process is like traveling in an infinite spiral. Little do we know that it has no end. Instead of being the master of being content we take pleasure in living as the slaves of our needs.

If the ultimate need for survival is food and water, the ultimate need for living is happiness. Without laughter man is no less than an animal. Do we realize this? Do we always do what we feel? Do we always respond to our soul’s urge? Okay there are things like greater good but did we feel the contentment in doing all the things we did till this date? Why take the trouble of wearing a mask in a group of blind people? The society has never given a person anything, except a mirage of expectations. Then why, make things complicated? Why lose the happy moments in this never-ending search?


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Life has given us everything that we really really need. Instead of worrying about the future, live the moments. Because success is not given, it’s what your heart feels. Instead of running the race, wait and enjoy the moments. Even if you lose everything you have, you’ll still have priceless memories; the small happy moments which have the power to steal your sadness and heal your heart. The slight curve on your lips acquired by summoning your happy moments in your life; trust me there’s no satisfaction better than that.

Live life to it’s fullest. Celebrate each and every minute. Enjoy each day as your last day on Earth. Give happiness to the people around you and experience the pleasure of giving. Treasure your memories for they’re your only companions for eternity.

Always, Live for you and you only! That’s the best way for living a really happy and content life.


Written by K.Pavithra, second year Electronics and Instrumentation