What is the procedure for revaluation?

By Amirtha Shri

Ajith feels helpless, do you too?

If you are reading this sentence, I beg you to give five minutes, just five minutes of your attention to this poor fellow Ajith. You do know Ajith, don’t you? Don’t look at me like that! Come on, you do know him. Okay, don’t be bemused now, I’ll get to the point. Ajith could be you now or Ajith could be you sometime in the future. For all I know, Ajith could already be your friend. Ah, you’re still looking at me like that. Please understand that this is very important for Ajith, and for you of course. Just four more minutes will do. Thank you.

One beautiful morning, Ajith was ambling in the MIT avenue, yellow flowers raining on him. ‘Result vandhaachu, machi!’ called out his super studious friend, Raghu. Seeing the gleam in his eye, Ajith could easily make out that Raghu is a 10 pointer this time. (Of course it can’t be even 0.1 short of 10 because he’d be crying by now.) Well, let’s go see what fate has for us, Ajith thought to himself and set off to his department.

While he’s on his way to find his result, I’ll tell you a fact and a nasty secret. The fact is that Ajith is no less of a nerd than Raghu. Now for the filthy secret, shhhh…, he’s got an arrear this semester! I bet you can empathize, so I’m going to skip the icky part where he sees his result, cries, screams, gets scolded at and criticized, phew! But why did he get an arrear when he did the exam so well?

After a lot of thought and advice from his friends, he musters some confidence and hope and proceeds to apply for the re-evaluation of his paper. A notice was stuck there with revised procedure for re-evaluation. Now, Ajith doesn’t have all the money in the world, just like anyone of us. I mean, how can you expect him to pay an entire semester’s exam fee for the re-evaluation of just one subject?

By hook or by crook, Ajith has managed to pay and has completed the first step of the procedure, the photocopy. As he browses through the photocopy of his answer script, there are no more tears of sadness, but tears of anger. There hasn’t been a just evaluation. Actuated to demand for more marks, he storms towards the faculty room to swear at the responsible faculty.

While he’s on his way to his course instructor, I’ll tell you that step two of the procedure was superlatively difficult than step one, where he needs to get the attested consent for re-evaluation stating that he deserves more marks, and here’s the ridiculous part, along with the exact number of marks he deserves. This staff of his was very canny, let’s call him Mr. X. Why and how would he accept that he evaluated the paper in an unjust way? His deft debating skills overpowered Ajith’s reasoning.

Ajith then goes to another faculty, say Mr. Y. Mr. Y, although the embodiment of righteousness, wonders if he should oppose and begrudge his own colleague, Mr. X. Mr. Y adeptly manages to excuse himself from signing the paper. It’s not just Mr. Y, even Mr. Z thinks twice, and Mr. A doesn’t even think, he blatantly refuses.
Disgusted and anguished by the new procedure, Ajith walks on the MIT avenue, wilted yellow flowers sparsely falling on him. Ajith feels that writing an arrear exam is easier and less of a stress than applying for re-evaluation.

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Amirtha likes to think of herself as funny and creative. She Imagines her life with Radiohead bgm and lives to have a book written about her.

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