Hello there! This is my attempt in trying to understand human conscience. That is, the human mind and its thoughts.

Let us begin with a small experiment:

  1. Think of a number between 1 and 20. {P}
  2. Multiply that number by 9.
  3. Now add the digits of the resulting number if it is a two digit number (If the resulting number is a 1 digit number, you need not to do any calculation). Let the result be X.
  4. Subtract 5 from the number X. Let this be Y.
  5. For each value of Y, you have a corresponding alphabet. If Y is 1, the alphabet is A. If Y is 2, the alphabet is B and so on. Pertaining to this logic find the alphabet for your number Y.
  6. Now think of a country in Europe, whose name begins with this alphabet.
  7. Now think of an animal, whose name begins with the last alphabet of this country’s name.
  8. Now think of a fruit, whose name begins with the last alphabet of this animal’s name.




Are you surprised? There are chances that you have read this somewhere else on the internet. {O} But let us come back to the topic.

Suppose you had not read this article, what is the probability of you thinking about these three things in your mind? The chances are very low. Aren’t they? Now that I have stepped into the arena, these three words entered into your mind. So my intervention has increased the probability and eventually made it into a 100% probability. So I used this trick to fix these words in your mind. Hey! I did not even go into your dream to fix this.

Let us think of another scenario. What is the probability of a magnet being used to generate electricity all by itself naturally? Not possible. Is it? How about metal, belonging to earth being put in the moon? Same result. {B}. It is impossible.

To put things into perspective, they are called as non-spontaneous events. They cannot happen by themselves. But, with the presence of humans, they have become a reality. After all, humans are just a collection of billions of atoms, just like rocks and metal. Then, what is so special about them, that they make these things possible?

We know that it is because of conscience. Or we like it to call it the soul. Now I am going to call it as conscience. You will understand why. {A}

In the above mentioned game, you thought of those words only because I instructed you to. So will it be right to say that your thoughts are just probabilities and the probability percentage depends upon your environment?

When you are in a jungle you will be more alert. But when you are home you are not. But our thoughts not only depend upon our current environment. It depends upon the past too. For example without the tool called language, we would not be talking with each other. In order to talk we must think of it and then our mouth speaks what is in our mind. We can think in English, Thamizh, Hindi and what not. These languages exist due to our ancestors. To make it a bit simpler, think of numbers.{B} Without zero, the decimal number system would not have existed. So to represent 10, we have to draw 10 lines, but now that we have ten, we can represent ten as 10, which is 1 multiplied by ten plus 0. The binary system would not have existed without 0. Without binary, our modern technology would cease to have existed. That is why we can see Indians praising Aryabhatta’s concept of zero, and how our technology would have been a dream without him. Not every human are born with this concept of language and numbers pre-installed in their minds. It is a knowledge which has been passed through thousands of generation. So over the time we have come up with ways to increase the probability of finding a solution for our problems.{I}


So our thoughts are just random probabilities which depends on our environment and our past civilisations. Our intelligence has evolved.

You might think can our thoughts be just probabilities. Ia wanting to go to a restaurant for dinner just a probablity? {L}I would answer it as yes.

How? Probability varies from 0% to 100% sure events have near 100% probability. When you feel hungry or when you are bored of eating the same food again and again, you came up with the idea of going to a hotel. So over the time, the probability of you going to hotel increased that it has become an almost sure event. But it is not a 100% sure event. Suppose while getting ready, you get a phone call from your office and they want you to come to the office immediately, the probability drops from near 100% to almost zero%. But it is not a perfect 0%. Because you can still choose to disobey the order and go to the hotel. But since you might lose your job you will not go to the hotel and go to the office instead. So it is a near 0 %.{I}

Is it weird? Your thoughts vary upon your environment and your environment varies upon other humans, again whose thoughts depends on their environment. It is a cycle. Even now if you are thinking about this concept, it is only due to my action. So my action increased the probability and made it a near 100% from zero%.

When you read an amazing book you think about it. So that book increased the probability of you thinking of that concept. Tesla came up with the concept of alternating current because he was educated in that field.{T} Suppose you have a time machine (ignoring the concept of grandfather paradox) and went back in time and somehow convinced Tesla to get interested in literature, the probability of him coming up with the concept of alternating current is NEAR ZERO. I used the word near zero because some event could happen and set it back on track. When you gain knowledge, the probability of you getting an idea increases.

To sum it all up, our intelligence or conscience is just an event generator with a probability from 0 to 100% which depends on our environment. But how are we actually increasing this probability. I believe it is with the help of hormones.{Y}


How is this different from the “artificial intelligence” we have currently. An AI does only what we program it to do. But it is not capable of improvising unless we program it to do. Improvising is a result of our environment.

And that’s it folks. But before I leave, did you find that secret message in this passage?

CLUE: Search for letter enclosed within {}. The probability of you finding it was near zero. Now I made it a near hundred percent.


Written by: Kishore, First Year, Electronics and Communication.