Shot Dead – Episode 7



Industrialist Shravan Ram’s wife Sudha is dead. Detective Chatur Nath is given the case. As Shravan’s family is his prime suspect, he investigates his family members first. While investigating the watchman, his suspicion on Mythili increases. He finds a knife in Sudha’s house and an old photo of Sudha with a man. He goes to investigate Shravan about this.

Episode 7

“Sudha ees mah wife dammit. I lub herr” Shravan bawled, punching the air. Everyone was watching, with a glass of what seemed like alcohol. Chatur couldn’t guess the motive of the party.

“Stop this Shravan. We all know why you married her” the other man said. He was taller, dark and muscular with broad shoulders. The men there, started laughing. Chatur couldn’t believe his eyes. The tall man was Chembian – one of the richest and the most influential businessmen in the state.

“Don’t… Don’t laugh” Shravan stood up but again fell on his chair. “Hey waiter… breeng me beer. I want to…” Shravan retched. He way too drunk. A short, lean waiter ran towards him and took him away while another waiter started cleaning the mess.

“So gentlemen” Chembian said, “Please enjoy the party for I am very happy today. Make yourselves comfortable.”

He then started walking towards the stairs. Chatur was on time to stop him. “Excuse me?” Chatur called.

He looked at Chatur. He was real cool, unaffected by Chatur’s interruption.

“Yes” he said. His voice was deep, just like his blue eyes.

“Shall we talk for some time?” Chatur was losing himself in front of that imposing figure. “I’m detective Chatur Nath, investigating Sudha’s murder.” He added. Chembian grinned.

“He has a very good smile” Chatur thought. Chatur was taken to a room in the sixth floor, the interiors of which left Chatur speechless. The room was painted in white, brilliantly ventilated, accurately resonated and magnificently decorated. The tiles were mirror-like and the left wall was embellished with wall paintings​. The right wall had a huge window which showed the view of probably the entire city.

“Take a seat, Mr Chatur Nath” the big man said.

“This room is real cool” Chatur said before he could stop himself.

“Thank you. Now what do you wanna talk about HER?” he asked, not trying to mask his bitterness. The pressure on ‘her’ showed his resentment towards her.

“First of all, may I know about you?”

That man was visibly shocked. He laughed and said, “How foolish are you to ask the name of the founder of this company and the most popular person…”

Chatur was taken aback. He called him foolish?

“No” Chatur interrupted. “I mean…Who is Shravan to you?”

“Funny” he said and looked away.

“He… was my ex business partner. Ex friend” he said and sat on his chair. “

Heard about S&C? We started it. We ruled the business. After our split, I built my own company” “Why did you split?”

“Well, well… we are going to my favourite despicable scene, Chatur.”

Chatur placed his hand on the table, made of glass and moved forward, shifting to the edge of his seat.

Chembian was as interested as Chatur. “Sudha was a bitch.” Chatur’s eyes were as big as a saucer. No one had ever been so open to him.

“Yes gentleman. Shravan would tell that they loved each other. But everything is just… I know them more than either of them knew about each other.”

“Can you start from the beginning?”

“Well, yes. I too wanna visit the already travelled roads. Shravan was my collegemate. He had no parents, no money but had loads of ideas. I liked his ideas and eventually I liked him too. We planned to start a business with my father’s guidance. I invested the funds and he invested his ideas. S&C had become a dream for many. We were served with fruits of success. While you enjoy a sweet fruit, you have to taste the seed too. But the seed has to be thrown away and not swallowed. Sudha was that seed. Shravan was weak with women. He spent a lot of money on women. I didn’t mind. I never was so interested in women and sexual life. One day, He came and said that he liked a woman and wanted to marry her. He showed her to me. I didn’t like her one bit. Yes… She was all beautiful and more than qualified for Shravan. But they married only for benefits – each for the other’s privilege. I warned him to cut her off. He didn’t. The business failed right after she was made the ambassador for client support. She wanted to be a part of the business but had nothing inside her head. I lost all my money because of her. I came out of S&C to create Chembian Enterprises. It took me years to build this as my father had stopped investing. Now, I am number one. Shravan’s company is not even in top ten.”

“This is too much of information” Chatur thought. “So, Shravan didn’t love her. He married her for her beauty and she married him for money” Chatur summarized.

“You are there” Chembian said, leaning back and enjoying his drink from the bar. When Chatur left, he was only thinking about Chembian’s last words: “Perhaps, Sudha cheated on Shravan. Shravan, my boy, will never forgive it.”

When Chatur reached his house at about 9 pm, he was shocked to see the front door ajar. There was a shadow moving hither and yon inside the house. He didn’t expect it.



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Shot dead – is an exclusive bilingual crime novel series, jointly written by Swathi Mohan and Anirudh Ramesh (English) and Arun Balaji, Kishore and K.Pavithra (Tamil).