Tirade on ban of cow slaughter


Entire nation has gone gaga over the ban on cow slaughter recently by the central government. However it hasn’t entirely stopped the slaughter of cows on butcher shops but the number of cows slaughtered has been reduced significantly. This move by the central government has caused uproar in India (especially the south) considering the fact it has breached the rights of certain sects of the society.

The irony is that the sepoy mutiny (of 1857) had the same causes for it to happen at the rendezvous time. The problem with central govt is that it’s trying to inject hyper nationalism (its rightist policies) on the citizens (of diverse cultures) which has led to a pandemonium across the south. The recent altercation between the students (vandals) at Chennai supports the statement. This insurrection has led to formation of ludicrous divisions between the different facets of society. Speculations on the formation of “DRAVIDA NADU” and “UNITED STATES OF SOUTH INDIA” has shuddered moderate like me.


The modus operandi of the govt should be curbing the major issues in our country (such as corruption, nepotism and red tapism) and protecting OUR Kashmir which has been a thorn in the flesh for several decades. However national integrity is the order of the day and any unscrupulous elements should be eliminated as soon as possible in such a way that national integrity is unscathed. It would be good if fringe groups mull down their protests for a transient period until an amicable consensus is reached between the center and its compatriots.


P.S : This write up should be considered as the exasperated feelings of a common man and it’s not meant to slander anyone with reference to its context.

Written by: Sai Lakshmanan ,First year Mechanical engineering.